How To Be An Eco-Conscious Cannabis Consumer

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Sustainability is more than a growing trend, but it is a way of life these days. Brands, retailers, and consumers are more eco-conscious than ever. As a consumer, you may believe that you cannot do a lot to make a difference. But the truth is that every person can do their bit to save the environment. You can embrace a few simple measures and change your consumption habits a bit to cut your carbon footprint and support the sustainability mindset. Using cannabis is inherently sustainable as it takes you a step ahead with holistic healing. You can ditch painkillers, sleeping pills, and anxiety measures by using cannabis as an alternative. But there are more ways to support sustainability. Here are some actionable tips to be an eco-conscious cannabis consumer.

Stick with sustainable brands

The easiest way to go eco-friendly with cannabis consumption is to stick with sustainable brands. Prioritize ones that source organic cannabis for their products because these are grown with minimal resource usage. Also, look for eco-friendly packaging options such as glass jars, reusable bags, and biodegradable materials. You can go the extra mile by buying locally because it reduces carbon emissions during transportation. A little research about the brand’s background can enable you to pick the ones that use clean and green practices for sourcing, processing, and packaging their products.

Try making DIY tools

Cannabis consumers opting for edibles, tinctures, and topical products need not worry much about being eco-conscious. But vaping and dabbing enthusiasts may exert an extra burden on the environment as they use devices and tools for consumption. For example, you have to use batteries or electricity to run your vaporizer or dab rig. Try DIY ideas to create eco-friendly devices instead. You can build a mason jar bong with a glass jar without much effort. Assembling it is super-easy, and it runs without batteries. There couldn’t be a better way to relish flavorful smoke without harming the environment.

Recycle what you can 

Besides opting for sustainable cannabis brands and DIY devices, you can do your bit as a conscious consumer. The best thing you can do is recycle what you can, and it is easier than you imagine. Most dispensaries use recyclable plastic bottles and have recycling bins where customers can drop the bottles. With cannabis being legal in many states, you need not worry about taking the containers for recycling. Make sure you do not throw these containers in the trash and recycle instead. Some dispensaries also refill old containers. So you can carry them and get refills without requiring new containers. You can make a difference with vape devices too. Invest in high-quality ones as they last longer and do not end up in landfills for years.

If you are an eco-conscious consumer, you can take forward the mindset with cannabis shopping. The good thing is that many brands share the same vision, making it easy to procure sustainable products and eco-friendly packaging. You can do your bit by embracing eco-conscious habits at your end. The sooner you start, the better! 

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