CBD, CBG and CBN Gummies: What Edible to Choose?

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The cannabinoid industry has moved past just providing CBD and THC to consumers. Every year the demand increases for more cannabinoid dominant products like CBG gummies. In this post, we will cover two of the most popular minor cannabinoids, CBG and CBN. We also will recommend the best situations to use CBG and CBN edibles.

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Before we get into what edible has the most benefits and fits your lifestyle, we need to cover the basics of cannabinoids. After having a basic understanding of cannabinoids and specifically how CBG and CBN affect our bodies, you can make an informed purchasing decision.

What is CBG and CBN?

Both CBG and CBN are cannabinoids. While the most popular cannabinoids are CBD and THC, the cannabis plant contains over 100 compounds, all with unique benefits.

CBG is the precursor to all other cannabinoids; one nickname is even ‘mother cannabinoid.’ When the cannabis plant develops, CBGa is the first compound to form. Over time, CBGa converts to other cannabinoids, primarily CBDA and THCa.

At one point, CBG extraction was too expensive because producers would need an incredible amount of raw hemp to make a product. However, as demand increased for the compound, growers found the optimal point that cannabis could be used to extract CBG.

CBN is another minor cannabinoid that is produced from degrading THC. Unlike CBG, CBN isn’t developed naturally during the plant’s lifecycle. Instead, the compound is created after cannabis has been harvested and is exposed to natural elements.

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How CBG Affect the Body

CBG has many of the same properties as CBD. However, the advantage of using CBG rather than CBD is that the compound has more binding affinity with cannabinoids receptors in the brain, central nervous system, and throughout the body.

In theory, you can take a smaller amount of CBG and get the same results as CBD; however, more research is needed before knowing exactly how CBG affects the body.

The Effects of CBN

CBN cannabinoid has long been claimed to deliver sedating effects and as a way to promote better sleep. While most cannabinoids don’t have sufficient evidence to support many of the claims made by cannabinoid hemp companies. We don’t have enough evidence on CBN to suggest improving sleep.

However, we have a study that suggests CBN combined with THC does deliver sedating effects.

The Benefits of CBG Edibles

CBG gummies are a relatively new type of cannabinoid hemp product. As a result, there isn’t much research to compare the benefits of using CBG edibles versus sublingual oil. However, we know that the types of edible matter dramatically affect absorption.

CBG Gummies Benefits

Using CBG gummies offers sublingual absorption, so the cannabinoids aren’t wasted through the liver. When we eat any cannabinoid, the digestive tract delays the response and exudes much of the active ingredient. Using gummies gets around this challenge by dissolving in the user’s mouth and being much easier to break down by the stomach.

Ideal CBG Product

The best CBG product is the one that you are most comfortable taking. Like CBD, the more consistent your dose, the better results. When choosing gummies or other administration methods, consider the likelihood of taking the product every day.

CBN Edibles

While we are far from understanding the full potential of CBN gummies, they are massively popular and being used before bed. We may not have the research to back up the companies’ claims, but we do have anecdotal accounts suggesting CBN is working.

If you choose to try CBN, we recommend using an extract with a small amount of THC and a highly absorbable administration method like CBN gummies.

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