For many Medical Marijuana Patients, smoking is either not desired or not allowed depending on different factors. Alternative consumption methods such as Medibles (Marijuana Edibles), drinkables and Transdermal Patches provide a discrete method of medicating that will not have everyone within nose range suddenly staring you down. …Read More

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The effects of medibles also tend to last much longer than smoking, upwards of 6-8 hours of relief can be achieved on a single dose. To help serve these patients, the Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana market offers a dizzying array of Cannabis infused products aimed at providing patients with an alternative to smoking.


Having such a large assortment to choose from can be both a blessing and a curse for many, especially those new to the Medical Marijuana market here in Colorado where a trip into just about any dispensary in town will probably result in a sense of available option-induced overload. Cannabis Edible (Medible) options ranging from Candies, Chocolates & Gummies to Cannabis Infused Sunflower Seeds and all manner of baked goods you could imagine overflow from fancy (or not so fancy) display cases.

Cannabis drinkable products stare back at you from their frosty coolers with names like “CannaPunch®”, “Kief Cola®” and “Dixie Elixers®”. Shelves lined with little bottles of various Cannabis Oils, Transdermal Patches, Capsules, Tinctures, lotions, sprays, etc. Odds are, if you can infuse something with Cannabis, it is probably sold here somewhere.


This overwhelming selection coupled with the fact that many patients are afraid to ask questions can set the stage for a bad experience. Cannabis Education is paramount for both the Patient and the Budtenders (the folks selling it to you). At least ONE of you should know that a first-time patient should probably NOT eat an entire 100mg cookie! Unfortunately, in my experience that doesn’t seem to always happen.

Arguably the best way to ruin your first interaction with Cannabis is to overindulge, which is easy to do if you are not cautious. So how does one know how much to consume?

The State of Colorado has decided that a standard dose of Medical Marijuana in edible form is 10mg of THC. Unlike other drugs Cannabis effects everyone differently and therefore it can be difficult to tell someone how much they will initially need, so this number is merely a guideline. For some patients, only consuming half of the 10mg dose is sufficient, while others require many hundreds of milligrams at once.

Low and Slow

Unfortunately the only way to know how much THC you truly need is to experiment. I firmly believe that to effectively use Medical Marijuana as a treatment option, you must be open to and willing to perform self-titration until you find out your needed dosage. When it comes to dosages, the best advice for medical marijuana edibles is start LOW and SLOW. 5-10mg may produce a noticeable effect for most newcomers, but not for everyone. Edible effects can also vary based on when you last ate, and what you ate.

Marijuana Medibles also has a delayed onset, and can take up to a few hours before you feel any of the effects. A patient who, unaware of the delayed effects, eats a second cannabis edible because the first one had not yet affected them may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Luckily, you cannot realistically overdose on Cannabis, and any adverse effects from over consuming will typically pass within a few hours. Those few hours, however, can be just as unpleasant as consuming too much alcohol. Start slow and gradually increase your next dose until you find the amount you need.

Knowledge is power

Our goal here at Colorado Medible Review is to provide you with 100% honest and unbiased reviews of the many types of Medical Marijuana Edibles, Tinctures, Patches, and Topical products available in the Colorado Springs market. We hope that by educating yourself here at Colorado Medible Review beforehand, you will have all the information that you need to make sure you are getting the right Medical Marijuana products for you.