Study: Marijuana Use Not Linked With Reduced Motivation in Adolescents

Medible review study marijuana use not linked with reduced motivation in adolescents

MIAMI, FL — Neither the occasional nor the heavy use of marijuana by adolescents is associated with decreased motivation, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the journal Substance Use & Misuse.

A team of Florida International University researchers assessed the relationship between cannabis use and motivation in 79 adolescent subjects. Participants consisted of both long-term regular consumers and occasional users. Investigators assessed subjects’ motivational tendencies through the use of two validated tools, the Apathy Evaluation Scale and the Motivation and Engagement Scale.

Authors reported: “After controlling for confounds, no significant differences were observed between regular and light users on any motivation index. Similarly, no associations between motivation and lifetime or past 30-day cannabis use amount were observed.”

They concluded, “Our findings do not support a link between reduced motivation and CU (cannabis use) among adolescents after controlling for relevant confounds.”

Full text of the study, “Is cannabis use associated with various indices of motivation among adolescents?”, appears in Substance Abuse & Misuse.

Tags: adolescent marijuana use, apathy, motivation

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