Shum-Met Chocholate Bar – 200mg – Dank Dark

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Shum-Met Chocholate Bar - 200mg - Dank Dark









  • good price
  • Tastes great
  • powerful


  • none

Cannabis infused chocolates have been out on the market forever, and most of them have a strong hashy taste, especially in chocolates with higher THC content. Shum-Met has solved this issue by using THC Distillate in their chocolate bars, which really cuts down on the hashy taste typically found. From their website, “Shum-met is a Colorado based edible company, specializing in artisan quality infused chocolate. Using only the best ingredients, paired with premium THC distillate we strive to create products that set a standard for infused goods.”

My first edible review of the Shum-Met Dank Dark 200 mg chocolate bar was so completely lacking in hash taste, it had me wondering if there was any cannabis in it at all…until it hit me 45 minutes later. This was the first edible I have ever had with no aftertaste whatsoever! I think Shum-Met really does set a new standard for infused goods, once you try one of these you will shudder every time you eat a normal edible.

Another thing I love about the Shum-Met bars is their variety. With 10 different flavors, they have something for everyone! Having a different flavor every day without repeating for over a week is awesome and keeps you from getting burned out. The potency doesn’t appear to vary between flavors either. 

Would I call this a connoisseur level chocolate by itself? Alas no, but for the price I honestly really did not expect to get fine chocolate. The fact that Shum-Met has managed to make an infused chocolate that doesn’t taste infused is more than enough to score high marks.


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