Stratos Sleep – Indica 100mg – Updated 2023

Medible review Stratos Sleep Pills

Stratos Sleep - Indica 100mg









  • Tasteless
  • Oderless
  • Strong, clean effects


  • none

Stratos THC now offers this same formula in a delicious water soluble tincture with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC! The Stratos Sleep Tincture offers the fastest onset available, working within minutes! Check out the new Stratos Sleep Tincture Review – Indica 1:1

I really like the fact that you can get quality cannabis in a pill form, sometimes you just don’t want the hashy aftertaste left by most traditional edibles. This format also allows for easy discrete dosing as there is absolutely no cannabis smell.

The Stratos line of cannabis tablets are a quick and effortless way to medicate, offering multiple dosing options in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid recipes.

Easiest dosing ever

This review is from their line of tablets christened “Sleep”: The Stratos Sleep – 100 mg Indica tablets. These little gems come in a child proof screw top pill bottle containing 10 x 10 mg tablets for a total of 100 mg.

Higher strengths are available for the Medical side, with both a 300 mg and a 500 mg option (10 x 30 mg tablets or 10 x 50 mg tablets).

I for one am grateful for the higher dosing options in edibles – some of us require a little more than the 10 mg serving size.

After selecting the appropriate number of tablets for my tolerance level, they quickly and easily went down the hatch. The tablets left an ever-so-slight grassy taste in my mouth, like that of an herbal vitamin.

Not really an issue, the taste virtually non-existent and most people probably wouldn’t notice it at all. These are the perfect way to medicate if you cannot tolerate the taste of cannabis!

The Effects

After about 45 minutes I was greeted with a pleasant warmth that quickly blanketed my nerve pain, gently nudging it into the background and out of mind.

A powerful wave of relaxation followed that was heavy but not enough to induce total couch lock – just a mellow, restful state. I am sure that I could have gone straight to bed if I wanted, but it didn’t force me there which was nice.

The Verdict

As the name implies, Stratos Sleep is probably not the best daytime option if any sort of productivity is your goal. That being said, I do find them to be quite useful whenever or wherever you get a chance to relax regardless of the hour.

Night time use as a sleep aid works well for me, as the hyper relaxed state makes nodding off easy. If you enjoy finding Indica based products that aren’t super heavy making them OK for daytime use as well. Stratos Sleep Indica tablets should be the go-to bottle in your medicine cabinet.

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