Robhots Megadose 500mg Infused with THC Distillate – Pineapple Tangerine

Robhots Megadose 500mg Infused with THC Distillate - Pineapple Tangerine









  • Higher dosage for decent price
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Convienent


  • Typical hashy aftertaste, but less
  • Gummies stick together

My first edible review of Robhots Robhots Megadose 500 mg Infused with THC Distillate was for the Blue Raspberry flavor. This is another of three offered flavor choices, Pineapple Tangerine, and the second Robhots Megadose edible review. This review will focus on the taste difference, as the rest is the same as the original review. Click here to read that review.

I definitely liked the taste of these better than the previous, it does a much better job of masking the still present hashy aftertaste, making it far less noticeable than in the Blue Raspberry. Once again over half of my pieces were stuck together in one lump, but were able to be separated with minor ripping. I was able to notice a difference in aftertaste between the pineapple and orange gummy – it seemed the pineapple gummy had the mildest aftertaste of the two.

I still give this edible high marks despite the fact that there is still an aftertaste,which marketing claims otherwise. The lack of cannabis smell makes certain these will go undetected in public, and the effects are clean and top notch.

Author: Allan

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