Mountain Medicine Harmonious Honey Sticks review – 500mg THC / 35mg CBD

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Mountain Medicine Harmonious Honey Sticks review - 500mg THC / 35mg CBD









  • Taste is amazing
  • Portable
  • Higher dosing option


  • None really - good stuff!

For me, honey and a good cannabis oil go together like peanut butter and jelly. The two complex flavors merging together provides for an intoxicating (literally) explosion of tastes that seem to shift endlessly. Mountain Medicine, located in Denver Colorado, combines high quality cannabis oil with local honey from local Colorado apiary Highland Honey to create a delicious and highly portable way to medicate!

The Harmonious Honey Sticks that I obtained contain 500mg of THC and 35mg of CBD per container, or 25mg / 1.75mg for each of the 20 honey sticks. These are also available in lower doses as well, see their website for details. The honey sticks themselves come in sturdy 3 inch long plastic straws that are crimped on both ends and should stand up well to various impromptu storage conditions. Although you can bite these open, I prefer to use scissors.

The flavor packed in these little tubes is astounding! Although you can use this to sweeten any beverage as you would normal honey, I prefer to snip off the end and just squeeze it into my mouth as to really get the full concentrated flavor explosion. The effects were nicely energetic and a bit more intense than I was expecting which made for a great few hours of pain relief. There is no listing on the package as to whether a Sativa or Indica plant was used, but based on my SWAG I would say they used a more Sativa dominant strain in this preparation.


Overall, I truly enjoyed the Mountain Medicine Harmonious Honey Sticks. I think they have really done an outstanding job of taking strongly flavored cannabis oil and making it taste truly wonderful. Make sure that you look for it at your nearest dispensary!

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