Vybba Delta 8 Mint Strips Review 2023

Every now and then something very exciting hits the market; something that totally changes the game. I was recently introduced to such a product. As you probably know already, there’s a new cannabinoid in town: Delta 8 THC. Unlike its close cousin, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 is legal in all 50 states because it is derived from industrial hemp.

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Delta 8 THC is a legal, hemp-based alternative to Delta 9 THC — the chemical compound found in marijuana that gets you high. Delta 8 is sometimes called “THC-light” because it avoids the psychoactive effects common to Delta 9, and has milder effects.

Medible review Vybba Delta 8 strips

For people who do not live where cannabis is legal, Delta 8 is a fantastic legal alternative to Delta 9. While it does not get you super ripped like its close relative, it definitely has noticeable effects. Those effects are in my opinion much smoother and more relaxing than normal THC.

Delta 8 comes in many forms, from smokable extracts to gummies and tinctures. I have tried many of them and let me tell you: most of them are not very exciting to me. The effects of Delta 8 just didn’t seem to last long in comparison to Delta 9, so while it was pleasant, I found myself skipping it mostly.

A new Vibe

That all changed recently when I was introduced to Vybba, a company that takes an innovative approach to Delta 8. Vybba strips are like those little breath freshening strips but are infused with 8mg of Delta 8 THC and 4 mg of CBD.

Medible review Vbyya Delta 8 strips individual front

The Packaging

Vybba Delta 8 THC strips are each individually packaged in a small tear apart envelope, making stealthy transportation ridiculously easy. You can easily keep a few of these in your wallet or purse without even noticing they were there. The packages are completely waterproof, so there’s no worry there. They also stand up well to just simply being in your pocket, with no melting.

The Taste

I was totally expecting to have that hashy taste typical with almost every cannabis and hemp product, but to my surprise there was absolutely none! These minty strips are good enough to double as a breath mint! To be honest, the complete lack of hashy taste had me worried that these were bunk, but I was dead wrong.

Medible review Vybba Delta 8 strips out of the package

The Effects

I am used to the long intro time associated with edibles, so I knew to be patient. After about 30 minutes there was still nothing, and I stated to reaffirm to myself that there would be no noticeable effects. After about 45 minutes, I noticed that my energy was beginning to change. I was a bit tired and I was now starting to perk up

Within the next 15 minutes everything changed. I went from a lethargic state to an overwhelming feeling of smooth relaxation and calm. There was no jitteriness, just a kind of focus came over me, the kind that makes everything just seem better.

Unlike Delta 9 edibles, the Vybba Delta 8 strips kept a nice, low-key focus without a hint of negative downsides like paranoia. I had the most productive day, and ended it still feeling just chill. The come down after about 6 hours was butter smooth, and was the perfect transition to ending the evening.

Medible review Vybba Delta 8 strips individual back

The Verdict

I really love the Vybba Delta 8 mint strips – I think they are the best iteration of Delta 8 that I have come across by far, and I have tried quite a few. The complete lack of hashy taste is definitely a plus, as it will be much more tolerable by just about everyone.

The packaging is well thought out, I can keep a few with me at all times just in case the need arises. They are not too pricey, as some new Delta 8 products are. At around $2 per dose, they are pretty economical.

The effects are just beautiful, and the fact that you can buy these anywhere makes them all the more appealing. Finally, states without legal cannabis can have an actual viable alternative to Delta 9 without any of the risks involved.

If you have always wanted to try Delta 8 THC, the Vybba Delta 8 strips are the perfect choice. Head on over to their website right now and pick up a few pouches. You wont regret it!

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