Top Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

In mainstream culture, cannabis consumption is often strongly attached to smoking. After all, this has been one of the oldest methods to consume it. Bear in mind, marijuana is often used as a joint but smoking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most people have respiratory issues, so they will avoid smoking this compound. Now that COVID 19 is all over the place, not many people are willing to risk the health of their lungs due to excessive smoking.

Furthermore, as pills and capsules have proved to be a turning point in marijuana smoking, people rest assured about not indulging in a serious health condition. Here, we have compiled a list of a few intriguing ways, you can consume cannabis without having to smoke it:

⮚    Edibles

From conventional brownies to CBD infused gummies, edibles have become the popular way to consume this plant. However, you better go slow and enjoy the show to make the most out of this substance. Today, edibles have emerged as a popular method to consume this plant, since one doesn’t have to munch on a large quantity of the compound.

Check weedonline to find the purest form of this plant, so you can prepare good quality edibles at home.

⮚    Powder

No wonder, cannabis powder is the best form of THC that will quickly dissolve in whatever drink you like. Today, cannabis fans love to prepare tea using this compound. Secondly, using a powdered form of cannabis is ideal, since it will easily dissolve in the solution and enable you to make the most out of its incredible benefits.

 Secondly, if you are highly repulsed by consuming cannabis in its purest form or the edible form, using a powder won’t even make you feel as if you’ve had something heavy.

⮚    Pills, Tablets and Capsule

Medical cannabis capsules, pills and tablets allow for a portioned dosing of the compound without worrying about the intake of extra calories. Often chanted as an old school way of consuming medicines, it is the easiest way to consume this herb. However, we recommend you get in touch with your doctor before using it.

Especially if you’re already suffering from a health condition or are allergic to this herb, knowing whether or not you can use it for your health will be a wise decision. On the contrary, consuming it carelessly might only put you at the receiving end of the damage.

⮚    Vapes

In simplest terms, vape will heat cannabis and other compounds without producing harmful smoke. Because there is no smoke involved, one can rest assured about not having a strong body odor. Furthermore, it won’t hurt lungs and will also take care of your body, especially if you’re pro with vaping and have hands-on experience of truing various compounds, vaping cannabis will be no different.

With vaping, you can also use it with resin, oils and various concentrates. Now that a variety of flavors are available out there, vaping can be turned into a thrilling experience.

⮚    Tinctures

Often chanted as the best way to consume cannabis, tinctures are here to stay. The benefit of using tinctures is that they have good longevity. Secondly, when you put them on your skin, they won’t feel greasy. Furthermore, it is also a discreet method to enjoy this compound.

Because cannabis has proven itself for providing relief from pain and other various health conditions, using it in the form of tinctures is very much all over the place. Especially when the elderly are concerned, they swoon over tinctures because they are easy to use.

⮚    Topicals and Lotions

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you will know that cannabis-infused skincare products are all over the place. Because acne and other skin related diseases have become popular, people are looking for ways to get rid of them. Around 700 million people actively suffer from this disease, so they are looking for simple ways to treat it.

Thankfully, cannabis-infused topicals and lotions are all over the place, so everyone can access them. When the cannabis-infused masks debuted in the Chinese market, they quickly became a rage across the globe. Secondly, as the compound is cheaper, it is easily available for everyone.

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