Natures High 300mg Peace on Earth Pomegranate – Indica

Medible review natures high

Natures High 300mg Peace on Earth Pomegranate









  • Price is great!
  • individually packaged
  • quality hard candy


  • difficult to open one handed
  • hashy taste

Edible Review – Natures High 300mg Peace on Earth Pomegranate – Indica

When it comes to edibles, sometimes you can’t realistically carry around a chocolate bar in your pocket. For times like these, hard candies are an excellent alternative. The 300 mg Pomegranate and Raspberry Hard Candy from Nature’s High offers 10 x 30 mg pieces of sweet medication for a great price.

These candies come in a visually pleasing cardboard & push-thru foil blister packaging which keeps the pieces separated, a welcome break from those bottles of candies that get all stuck together.  After figuring out how to use the push tab to remove the backing, the piece came out easily without sticking to the packaging. Even the pieces I had in my pocket all day showed no signs of melting and came freely out of their pods.

My only gripe on the packaging is that the cardboard backing makes it much more difficult to open with one hand than a bottle. 

The Natures High Pomegranate and Raspberry is a very hard candy, similar to a Jolly Rancher type, so its best for sucking on rather than a fast chew/swallow. This will be a blessing for some, and a curse for others: these edibles pack a prominent hashy taste. While the herbal assault is pretty strong, the Pomegranate and Raspberry do a pretty decent job of making it flavorful enough to keep you going to the end.

The effects came on in about 45 minutes, covering my body with a warm fuzzy blanket of relaxation. It was very mellow but did not make me any more sleepy than normal, nice for those of us who need to use Indica strains in the daytime as well. Although the Natures High 300 mg Peace on Earth Pomegranate didn’t have me overly tired, when taken in the evening the relaxing effects made transition to sleep very easy.

Bottom line, if you enjoy more hashy flavored edibles, you will love these! For those who like to do a quick chew and swallow these are probably not for you, as you are more likely to break your teeth first, but hard candy lovers should definitely give these a try!

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