Dosd Blue Raspberry Nanobites – 1000mg THC edible gummies review 2023

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Dosd Nanobites - Blue Raspberry 100mg THC









  • Tastes Amazing!
  • Inexpensive high dosing option
  • Clean, powerful effects
  • Rapid onset


  • Child proof zipper nemesis

I am always on the lookout for new edibles, and it seems there are new ones that pop up every other week. Usually its nothing new to talk about, just another medicated THC gummy. This time I picked up something that is actually new! After searching the shelves I happened upon these new “Nanobites” from Dosd Edibles.

The 1000mg Blue Raspberry Nanobites from Dosd Edibles are sold as being “Bite-sized gummies infused with water-soluble cannabinoid nanoparticles.”. The purpose behind this is to speed up absorption of the THC into your system, but does it really work or is it just hype? I was told by the budtender that they really did come on fast and it wasn’t a joke, so I was hopefully optimistic.

The Taste

The gummy was very flavorful and the perfect consistency for my liking! These are an absolute pleasure to eat, which has its own inherent dangers – remember they are 50mg each. I was rewarded with a bright blue tongue for my efforts – not really stealthy but easy enough to play off.

I can say I have had better regular gummies, but this one is pretty much near the top for being the best tasting medicated one. The combination of taste and texture is something that no other gummy companies have yet mastered.

I still definitely noticed an aftertaste (how strong depends on you), but in comparison with other medicated gummies I think its pretty minor – you will get through it. Besides, in an hour you won’t care anymore anyhow…

The Effects

I would have argued that this was not medicated, but rather a strongly flavored sugar free gummy if it wasn’t for the imprinted THC logo molded into the top . That would have been a mistake, it turns out. Within 20 minutes I was starting to feel the effects – quite a rapid onset!

The effects were powerful but I was able to remain clear headed. A great gummy for numbing the body without making you too tired and couch locked. Nice treat for getting out and enjoying nature!

The Verdict

The Blue Raspberry Nanobites from Dosd Edibles are a very attractively priced option for those who need a higher dose. I paid just under $30 for this 1000mg bag – that’s only $1.50 per 50mg serving! This price point also makes these an attractive option for microdosing, although the gummy shape makes it more difficult to cut into more than 4 pieces evenly.

Overall, these are a great option for anyone who needs a high dose edible. They are conveniently packaged inside 2 separate zipper bags located in a main outer bag . The main bag has a child proof zipper thingy that I loath, but scissors make quick work of that. Dosd even includes a sticker in each bag to add to your sticker collection.

Check your local dispensary for pricing and availability on the Dosed Edibles Nanobites and pick some up today, you will thank me later.

Available Dosages: 100mg (REC), 1000mg (MED)

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