Sons of Sativa 200mg review

Medible review sons

Sons of Sativa 200mg









  • Very rapid onset
  • Powerful effects
  • Great Flavors


  • dosing cup is tiny

Sons of Sativa review

 Cannabis infused drinks are a great way to medicate, especially for those who cannot smoke. Cannabis drinkables like Sons of Sativa provide an easily dosed product with a rapid onset. Their potent effects provide long lasting relief for chronic pain sufferers. Sons of Sativa quickly became one of my favorite cannabis infused drinks for daytime medicating!

Each Sons of Sativa bottle comes with 200mg of THC and “top-shelf sativa cannabis for a more uplifting feeling.” The sativa infusion makes for perfect daytime use!

The cap of the bottle serves as a rather minuscule dosing cup providing a serving of 2.5mg of THC. While this may be adequate for someone? the rest of us need a bit larger cup size than that; Measuring out 50mg with the cap is out of the question!

I find this cocktail is best served cold, although I cannot complain either way really. Effects typically hit me within 30 minutes, often much less, and provide lasting relief for 4-5 hours.

Not  good bedtime cocktail 

Not a beverage that you want to enjoy right before bed; this cocktail will keep you alert, focused and on task for the duration before quietly fading away to normalcy. As much as I like this stuff, I would absolutely LOVE to see a “Sons of Indica – couch lock v2.0” version though – I imagine it could be the perfect bedtime cocktail! I would most certainly buy it.

The epic flavors that are using go a long way towards masking the mildly hashy aftertaste keeping this truly enjoyable. With 5 flavors to choose from, Sativa Black Cherry, Sativa Grape Haze, Sativa Watermelon Reaper, Sativa Blue Raz, and Pine-Mango, there is surely something for you.

I found the Sativa Grape Haze to have the least herbal flavor of the bunch followed by the Pine-Mango. Head on over to your favorite dispensary see what flavor works for you!

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