Robhots 1000mg THC gummies review 2023

Medible review Robhots 1000 gummies e1592246774834

Robhots 1000mg THC Gummies









  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Clean and potent effects
  • Affordable high dose option
  • Very tasty - you may forget that they are medicated!


  • Flavors can mix over time
  • Can stick together if they get too warm

I consumed quite a few of the 500mg Robhots gummies a while ago and overall, I really enjoyed giving them a review. The flavors did a pretty good job of masking the taste of the extract, but never truly achieved tasteless-nirvana.

While the gummies were indeed potent (thankfully), they still had that bitter aftertaste (albeit not as strong) that is common with most other edible THC gummies. It was never bad enough to stop me from using them, but eventually I moved on to try new things.

Medible review Robhots 1000

A revisit

Browsing through my local dispensary the other day I came across the new Robhots 1000mg THC gummies. They had 3 assorted varieties available, I chose two of them to get a decently well-rounded opinion on their new flavors.

Previously, the 500mg Robhots gummies (10 x 50mg pieces) came in a dual flavored container (strawberry & banana) at a 50-50 ratio giving you had 5 – 50mg THC gummies of each flavor. The new Robhots 1000mg gummies contain 20 x 50mg pieces in 5 flavors; 4 gummies of each flavor.

The taste

I have to honestly say the new flavors are such a dramatic improvement to me I was truly stunned! I was really searching out the bitterness; to my surprise it ever really came on strong enough for me to care. I have tried all 10 of the flavors that I bought and actually I like them all! The watermelon is my new favorite.


My batch of gummies each contained 51mg of THC according to the label. For my first try, I devoured a blueberry gummy in the early morning after a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin. I started feeling the effects about 45 minutes later, starting soft and warm like a fuzzy blanket, and steadily progressing to a really nice calm state of relaxation.

It wasn’t a sleepy relaxation per se. If I want a nap, I could easily take one but I am not being forced into it. Instead I decided to focus on yard work. 3 hours later I took a break and was pleasantly surprised on what I was able to accomplish. The time flew by and I still felt great. This went on for another 2 hours or so before I slowly started coming down. All total the effects lased me almost 8 hours.

The Verdict

Robhots went beyond just doubling the size of the package and created some really great flavors that make their product more enjoyable to eat. The effects are strong and clean – a nice balance between energetic and relaxed. With results lasting up to 8 hours, these are the best THC gummies for treating your chronic symptoms.

The only complaint I could muster is that these Robhots, like every mixed fruit gummy container, start to absorb each other’s flavors in the container after a while making for some rather interesting combinations. Again, this would not stop me from eating any of them.

I purchased these for about $40 out the door (at the time of this writing) for the 1000mg Robhots THC gummies. This comes out to about $1 / per 25mg. If you take low doses, these are very cost effective if you cut them into smaller pieces. The entire 50mg dose rings up at about $2 per serving. Not bad.

Check your local dispensary for more accurate pricing and availability. If you want more information about the Robhots 1000mg THC gummies in this review, check out Robhots!

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