10 Ways to Keep Calm and Sane During the Corona Pandemic

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10 Ways to Keep Calm and Sane During the Corona Pandemic

 The Coronavirus Disease, commonly referred to as COVID-19, is an acute respiratory viral infection that was first reported in Wuhan City, China, around December 2019. But while COVID-19 began in China, the highly-infectious disease has been spreading like wildfire, and the World Health Organization has since declared it a pandemic.

Most of the clinical presentations of Coronavirus disease are common in most acute respiratory viral infections. They include persistent coughing and sneezing, fatigue, as well as a runny nose and eyes. However, two symptoms make a world of difference between surviving and succumbing to the virus – fever, and shortness of breath.

The Numbers

As of April 14, 2020, some two million people had contracted the virus worldwide. Out of this number, more than 125 thousand had succumbed, and some 75% of the victims are still living with the virus. As it’s a rapidly developing situation, there’s no telling who will be infected next. It could be your friend, relative, work colleague, spouse, or even yourself. And with a lot of rumor- and fear-mongering out there, it’s tough to know what to trust.

Whether you’re infected or affected, experts advise keeping calm at all times. But just how do you stay sane and calm during this pandemic? That shall be the focus of this post.

Medible review corona

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  1. First, Understand What The Coronavirus Disease Is

The first thing to keep calm and sane during the corona pandemic is to begin easy by understanding what the disease is all about. Start by learning the basic facts about the coronavirus disease, including where it started, how it’s spread, and clinical presentations.

Then, do yourself one better and find out the risk factors for the disease and what you can do to keep yourself safe from it.


  1. Then Let the Gravity of the Pandemic Sink In

After acquainting yourself with basic information about COVID-19, your next step is to understand just how serious it is. This is very important, especially if your country, region, or local community isn’t affected yet.

You must understand that the coronavirus kills. And while fatality rates are reasonably low, most of those who haven’t succumbed are still living with the virus.

Also, note that governments have shut down operations due to the pandemic, with healthcare being the only working sector.

Pause for a minute and let these facts sink in.

  1. Heed the Government Clarion Calls

Ever since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, governments all over the world have come up with four major clarion calls, namely;

  • Stay at home;
  • Wash and sanitize your hands;
  • Practice social distancing; and
  • Wear a face mask.

Follow these advisories religiously as though your life depends on it because your life truly does depend on it.

  1. Know You Are Not Alone

You hope that the coronavirus disease will not strike home, but if it does, remember that you’re not alone. Whether you’re infected or affected, stay calm.

Do not panic as contracting the virus isn’t a death sentence. Instead of dwelling on fatality statistics, spend more time reading and watching stories of hope and victory from survivors.

  1. Establish A Healthy Routine and Stick To It

COVID-19 has caused most people to remain indoors and work from home. If you’re not used to this new normal, you may experience challenges adjusting to it. Experts recommend establishing a routine and sticking to it.

In your routine, you may consider healthy habits, such as meditation, working out, or blogging messages of hope about the pandemic.

On the same breath, avoid destructive habits, such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

This point ties closely to establishing a healthy routine. COVID-19 comes with anxieties about the future. The best way to overcome those anxieties is to focus on the present.

And that’s where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is a technique that allows you to focus on your present feelings and situation.

  1. Consider an Anti Anxiety Supplement

Staying calm and sane in the face of such a rapidly-evolving pandemic may require that you supplement with a natural antianxiety herb, such as cannabidiol (CBD). Other common anti anxiety herbs include kratom, kava kava, ashwagandha, and lavender, to mention but a few. One of the best things about these herbs is that they will help you to stay calm without exposing you to any severe side effects.

If you’ve chosen cannabidiol, you might consider CBD edibles, such as Mary’s edibles, if you’re looking for a convenient way to incorporate cannabidiol into your routine.

Medible review CBD Gummies

CBD gummies

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  1. Don’t Dwell So Much on Corona

Fear develops faster when we dwell on the things that frighten us. So, instead of focusing on how many more COVID-19 cases have come up positive in your country, why not catch up on the latest movie? Or listen to your favorite childhood music?

  1. Take Some Time off Social Media

Social media is a tool for disseminating information, especially during critical times like these. But it can also be used to spread fear, hopelessness, and despondency. Anyone can post anything for likes and comments.

So, avoid social media if you can. Also, shun mainstream media stations that are known to over-sensationalize the news for a bigger audience.

If you’re looking for factual information on the disease, insist on trusted organizations, such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.

  1. Stand Up To Be Counted

Lastly, stand up to be counted. Donate money or food to the less fortunate. Donate blood if you can. This is your chance to be philanthropic in whichever capacity.

Not only will doing so save a life, but it will also give you a deep sense of happiness. And that will go a long way in keeping you calm.

Medible review Doctors

Doctors attending to a COVID-19 patient

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There go our top 10 tips to stay calm and sane during this corona pandemic.Out of all , procuring cannabis strains is the best way to achieve overall well being during this pandemic.Besides this,remember these magic phrases – wear a mask, wash your hands, keep social distance, and stay at home.

Stay safe, and see you after corona!



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