Medibles Sour Patch 300mg Review 2023

Medible review medibles sour patch 300mg legit

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Are Medibles Sour Patch 300mg Legit?

You may have seen these online, they are just about everywhere it seems, but are medibles sour patch 300mg legit? The quick answer is yes, medibles sour patch 300mg is legit. This is, of course, only valid if you buy from a reputable source.

There have been many cases of counterfeit gummies being sold online to unsuspecting buyers. Chances are, if you do not live in a legal state that offers delivery there is a good chance that the medibles sour patch 300mg gummies you are buying might be fake.

Companies cannot mail products containing THC through the mail across the state lines, especially if the destination state does not have exemptions for medical or recreational cannabis.

medibles sour patch 300mg review
medibles sour patch 300mg review

Medibles Sour Patch 300mg Review

The medibles sour patch 300mg gummies come in a few different assorted flavors to suit your liking. The gummies are labeled as having 300mg per bag with no indication as to how much THC is in each piece. In order to figure that out yourself, you will need to do the math.

If there are 20 pieces of candy in the bag, then 300mg/20 pieces means each piece will contain 15mg of THC. The sour patch watermelon edibles were tasty, but they did not seem all that potent to me.

The Potency, is it there?

At first, the dose felt so low that I was wondering if medibles sour patch 300mg fake. I ate 1/3 of the package – equivalent to 100mg (my normal dose) and after 3 hours was barely feeling a light buzz.

In comparison, a 50mg Robhots gummy definitely was stronger after an hour than the 100mg dose of the medibles sour patch 300mg that I took. I have a feeling I could eat the whole package and be perfectly fine.

In short, I do not think that these are very potent at all. You may enjoy them if you are new to THC edibles and have zero tolerance, but I believe that if these do work for you, they wont for very long.

Overall Impression

Overall I was not impressed with the medibles sour patch 300mg gummies. While they may be legit and I just had a very old batch or something, I personally dont think that they really contain 300mg of THC per bag. To me it seems like maybe half that if you are lucky.

The taste of the medibles sour patch 300mg review gummies are about as harsh as you could expect from cannabis infused gummies. They have a strong taste that they try to cover up with sour powder, but it doesn’t really work that well.

I would avoid these unless you don’t have any other options. Depending on where you live, there are definitely better alternatives out there.

Alternatives to medibles sour patch 300mg

Depending on where you live, there are many alternatives to medibles sour patch 300mg that are stronger and much better tasting. As mentioned before, Both the Robhots line and the Dosd line are way more potent and have far superior flavor.

500mg THC edibles are available if you have a serious tolerance built up, and for those inhuman folks there are even 1000mg edibles. I definitely do not recommend these for a beginner, it is a very good way to have a rather hellish evening.

One thing you can do with 500mg THC edibles is to split them into multiple pieces aand use them for smaller doses. Sometimes it is cheaper to but large edibles and divide them up versus buying 500mg in smaller gummies.

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