Incredibles Affogato 500 mg bar review

Medible review AFFOGATO 500

Incredibles Affogato Bar - 500mg Review









  • Potent!
  • truly delicious
  • good packaging


  • none really

Incredibles is a well known Colorado cannabis edibles brand providing delicious medicated treats since 2010.  Their latest concoction, Affogato 500mg continues to build on that reputation by combining an unbelievably delectable Chocolate Latte, Espresso Bean, and Caramel bar with 500mg of THC! Affogato, which means “drowned” in Italian, is a desert consisting of ice cream drowned in espresso. The Incredibles Affogato 500mg bar does a pretty good job of replicating those velvety smooth flavors and adds a nice crunch with the addition of ground espresso beans.

The bar comes pre-scored into 10 pieces with each 50mg piece marked with the imprinted THC logo for a total of 500mg of THC. I really appreciate the higher dosing options available like this for those of us with a higher tolerance, but usually higher dosages make for a much stronger flavored product. Happily this is not the case for the Affogato 500mg bar! The cannabis taste is almost completely neutralized by the perfectly balanced flavor of the confection; the taste had me doubtful that there was really be 50mg per square but an hour later I was completely proved wrong! This was definitely an express elevator to the clouds!

The only downside to this bar is that which is shared by every chocolate bar manufacturer: chocolate melts. If you are going camping for the weekend in the summer these might not be the best product to bring along, but for wherever a controlled climate exists the Affogato 500mg bar from Incredibles is the perfect medicated cannabis edible treat!

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