CannaCups – Chocolate & Peanut butter cups by Tincturebelle – 200mg

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CannaCups - Chocolate & Peanut butter cups by Tincturebelle - 200mg









  • Delicious!
  • Higher dosing option
  • Clean, potent medication


  • The package is way too narrow to get your treats out!!!!!!!
  • That white THC logo........

Tincturebelle has created yet another delicious treat that tastes so good you won’t believe is medicated!  This confection uses simple ingredients and improves on the much beloved peanut butter cup by adding 200mg of pure THC distillate (2 x 100mg cups) and is gluten free.

According to Tincturebelle ,”Using our Pure THC Distillate, these Peanut Butter Cups makes a challenge of consuming only a dose because they’re so delicious.  Between the delicious chocolate and sweet and salty peanut butter, this is sure to be a favorite. Not to mention its a yummy way of providing some medical relief.”  Truer words have never been spoken; my biggest challenge was to not eat both!

What I really like about Tincturebelle’s CannaCups are the clean, intense waves of relief that pulsate through your body shortly after you are finished enjoying them! Nicely balanced feeling that will neither lock you to the couch nor have you fanatically cleaning your house for the next 6 hours. Freeze and smash them for a massively medicated ice cream topping!


Now with all this good you’d think there would be something bad too, and alas there is. In this case it’s the packaging: Tincturebelle for some reason has chosen a long narrow resealable plastic pouch with an opening only suitable for maybe inserting your finger. There is honestly no way I have found to get these cups to pass through this choke point without causing damage to the chocolate. The only way is to cut open the package, thus negating the whole re-sealability thing. 

The second issue I have with these is that lovely white “edible” compliance logo that’s been smooshed into the chocolate. Although it is indeed edible, I don’t suggest really doing so. It kind of tastes like school glue mixed with a bag of powdered sugar which is a total distraction from the delicious treat it is adhered to. I highly recommend removing this disc before consumption. 

The first issue is easily fixed…new pouch please? As for the second, hopefully Tincturebelle can find a new way to comply with product labeling that won’t be such a distraction. The 200mg CannaCups from Tincturebelle are still very well worth the purchase despite these minor inconveniences. Grab a few today at your local dispensary and give them a try!


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