How to Roll a Corn Husk Blunt for Thanksgiving

corn husk blunt

A few years back a friend came over to visit. After a while, when we got ready to roll my friend pulls out these strange looking wraps. I realized it was a corn husk. I had never had a corn husk blunt. He told me that corn husks rolled really well and that a cornhusk blunt they had a light pleasant taste.

I recently saw some at the store the other day, so I bought some myself. I was able to roll a real nice one on the first try, so I was happy.

corn husk blunt
Corn Husk Blunt Wrapper from

Why a Corn Husk Blunt?

There are a few options for wraps for your weed. Tobacco is ok if you can guarantee that there were no chemicals used, which is hard. The same goes for palm leaves. You can use hemp leaves, but their slenderness makes them much more difficult to deal with.

Corn Husks that are organic and chemical free can be bought online if you do not live near a farm. If you do, or you grow corn yourself, welcome to your new side hustle.

It is built for rolling, and its natural curve facilitates easy starting. Corn Husk burns nice and evenly as well, without any runaways. They also tend to be nice and large, making rolling huge joints easily doable. I still recommend a rolling tray, because stuff eventually falls off the edges.

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How to roll a Corn Husk Blunt

Total Time: 3 minutes

Prepare your Weed

Grind your flower to your desired consistency. I like the Phoenician Grinder for these. .Some choose to just rip it up a bit by hand, the choice is yours. Maybe try both and see!

Get the Corn Husk ready

Open your husk and check for holes. If there are none, you are good to go. Decide how fat you want this thing and trim the husk accordingly. Make sure that you trim from the thicker side of the husk, not the thin side.
If your corn husk is too dry and brittle, you will need to rehydrate them a little before rolling. You can either dunk them in water, shake off the excess, and lay them out on a paper towel. Give it a few seconds then see if it is pliable. If so, blot dry and continue. If not, repeat.
You can also use a spray bottle with water, place them on a towel and spray lightly. Check pliability same as above, repeat until workable.

Stuff the Husk

Next, add your weed to the husk, just as you would a joint. Spread it evenly across the entire husk.

Roll the Husk

Starting from the Thick Side of the husk, start rolling your blunt. If you are going to use a crutch, make sure you add it before starting.
When you get to the end, seal the edge with saliva. The wraps I bought came with some sort of glue, but I did not use it. I find using moist husks to roll and them letting them dry works perfectly.

Light it up!

Do I really need to tell you how to do this part? Light as you would a normal blunt, inhale, enjoy!

Estimated Cost: 1 USD


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If you have never tried a corn husk blunt, see if your local shop sells them. If not, search online and pick some up. You will definitely like them. Not only can you roll huge blunts with them, you can also easily roll thin ones too!

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If you are ready to try the ultimate smoking experience, roll yourself a cornhusk blunt. You will be pleasantly surprised at the smoothness and the flavor. You may like it so much that it becomes your new favorite!

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