Grind at Lightning Speed – The Phoenician Grinder Review

Medible review Medium 4pc Grinder Jet Black

Phoenician Engineering Grinder

$59.99 - $124.99







Build Quality


Ease of Use




Overall Value



  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Fastest grinder available
  • crafted from 6061 Aerospace Aluminum
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Best for high volumes


  • The locking mechanism took me a few tries to get used to

Phoenician Grinder Review

One look and you can see the Phoenician grinder is different from the others we review. Rather than being smooth sided with the traditional knurled grip strip, the exterior of this 6061 Aerospace Aluminum super shredder incorporates a lobe styling which provides exceptional grip, even with sweaty hands. These lobes also function to hold bumper rings which help protect the grinder from damage. The Large grinder offers a lid distinction that includes both a 1 ¼ inch rolling paper holder/dispenser as well as an ashtray.

phoenician grinder
Phoenician grinder

A Quick Attachment

Instead of the traditional screw together pieces, the Phoenician grinder utilizes a unique triple locking wedge mechanism to keep the pieces together. No screw thread means no trouble connecting and no chance of cross-threading ever.

A simple short twisting motion is all that is required to disassemble each layer of the grinder into its 4 main pieces.  This is a much faster approach than screwing and unscrewing the sections individually. The Phoenician is a 4-piece grinder, so there can be a lot of reassembling going on. The quick simple twist motion saves lots of time.

Nice Teeth!

When you open the grinder, the first thing you will notice are its teeth. You will notice that the cutting implements are fewer and more spread out, along with being a strange oblong shape. This is a far departure from the ordinary diamond shaped teeth commonly found in grinders. The improved grinding teeth significantly reduce friction and help preserve trichome integrity.

Another separate cutting edge was created on the teeth tops making them more like a chisel. This, coupled with the extra space generated by less teeth, allows you to easily place your buds inside the grinding chamber without having to squish the herbs down with the lid.

The teeth are also positioned to engage incrementally in a shearing or cutting motion similar to scissors. This design creates clean, evenly cut herb which allows for finer terpene preservation. The knife-like blades ensure that you will have the finest grind with the least amount of rotations. You will be amazed how fast and efficient the Phoenician grinder is.

Phoenician grinder
Phoenician grinder

Screen time

The filtering section of the grinder houses a thick stainless-steel screen that is supported by a spiral cross brace from its underside.  The screen is screwed into the support to keep it in place and also allows for quick easy replacement. The bottom section for catching your kief is rounded, making kief collection relatively easy. I did notice that kief collection was lower, I believe that this is due to the more delicate slicing process this grinder offers.

The Grind

I found the Phoenician grinder to be the easiest to load up by far. The teeth are skinny and spaced out enough to allow buds to slide down into the chamber with little resistance. Once in there, I performed 2 full rotations and opened the lid to check the grind status. To my shock, the chamber was empty. I took off the top section and sure enough the screen was loaded with a beautiful surprise!

The grind was probably the most consistent grind I have experienced on anything other than a finishing grinder. Every piece was identical in size and shape to every other piece. This grind worked very well in all of my vaporizers, and when rolled it burned very smooth and even. This is definitely one of my favorite grinds.

Phoenician grinder
Phoenician grinder


The grinder provides the best results with the least amount of effort, making this the best tool available if you do a ton of grinding. Even if you don’t, your wrists will appreciate the extreme ease with which the Phoenician slices through even the toughest dry flower.

I noticed that kief collection seemed a little lower here than with some other grinders. I imagine that is due to the fact that the herb is sustaining much less damage during its resizing. This is definitely not a downside for me – I’m fine with keeping those trichomes in place where they belong.

The Phoenician grinder is available in 3 different sizes and colors to suit your needs. If you are well heeled and simply must have the best, Phoenician Engineering offers a 24-karat gold model for a paltry $1499, along with a chrome version for $499.

Fortunately, the regular versions state at a much more affordable $59.99

Click here to check out the offerings from Phoenician Engineering.

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