SOURCE orb 3 – Prem2 Kit – coilless & double coil vape pen review + 10% Off!

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SourceVapes Source Orb 3 Prem2 coilless & double coil vape pen








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  • 6 Atomizers!
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Built-in wax container
  • Powerful performance


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SOURCE orb 3 – Prem2 Kit Vape Pen Review 

 I have had my share of pen style concentrate vaporizers. Like every vaporizer there are those that perform their jobs adequately and a select few that truly stand out. In this category, the SOURCE orb 3 – Prem2 Kit – coilless & double coil vape pen doesn’t just stand out, it leapt out of the gates and took off like a stallion on Derby Day!

A pint-sized power hitter

Measuring at only 6 inches tall, the new Source Orb 3 Prem2 is the new king of portable concentrate vapes! Most vaporizers come with 1 atomizer unless the manufacturer is feeling magnanimous and decides to throw in a spare. Source Vapes shattered that mold by including not one or two, but SIX atomizers! Oh, and did I mention that this epic piece is priced under $40? Interested yet? You should be!

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s face it, the fact that it comes with 6 atomizers alone is enough to make this the deal of the century, but these six atomizers happen to come in a functionally elegant package! The black chrome finish on the titanium alloy gives the Orb 3 the appearance of having been crafted out of a block of hematite. It’s beautiful enough to display, but small enough to be stealthy.

The Source Orb 3 Prem2 is modular screw-together type of design. The chamber is much wider than the base, giving it that orb look. This chamber, along with 4 large air holes, create a good amount of airflow which allows for some stellar rips, especially from a pen this size! The bottom of the battery houses a small silicone lined chamber for storing your extra concentrates, making this the perfect to-go companion. Everything screws apart for easy cleaning.

The battery of the Source Orb 3 Prem2 is a 650 MaH with 3 pre-configured voltage settings. You can easily change these by clicking the single button 3 times in rapid succession. Green, the lowest setting, operates from 2.6v – 3.2v, Blue, the medium setting: 3.2v – 3.7v, and Red, the highest comes in at 3.7v – 4.2v. Usage time will vary based on voltage settings, but easily expect a few days use before having to charge. Charging time from completely dead took right around 2.5 hours.

The adjustable voltage settings allow you to totally customize your user experience! The 6 different atomizers that the Source Orb 3 Prem2 kit allow for total customization of your concentrate enjoyment. Low Temp. Huge Rips. Your Choice.

The Atomizers

Ok, lets talk about them already! Here are the 6 atomizers that come with the Source Orb 3 Prem2 kit. Notice that it’s not 6 cheap, wicked coils either! The Orb 3 comes with a wide variety of atomizer compositions for your enjoyment. The quartz rod coils give huge clouds, while the black ceramic heats up slowly giving a more flavorful puff. Where this pen shines in my opinion is the Source terra coil-less atomizers! The quartz cup with ceramic donut serves up some of the tastiest vapor I have ever experienced out of a vape pen!

1x 3 Series Single Coil – Quartz

1x 3 Series Double Coil – Quartz

1x 3 Series Double Coil – Black Ceramic

1x 3 Series Double Coil – White Ceramic

1x 3 Series SOURCE terra – Ceramic Cup (Coil-less – Ceramic Donut)

1x 3 Series SOURCE terra – Quartz Cup (Coil-less – Ceramic Donut)

The Bottom Line

The Source Orb 3 Prem 2 kit is hands down, feet down, and everything else down the best deal on a premium concentrate vaporizer pen in existence. I can even sweeten by offering you a 10% off code that you can use during checkout! Just enter the code Med10 during checkout!

Sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off your next order as well! Source Vapes stands behind their products with a Lifetime Warranty! If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can feel free to send back your purchase or exchange it.

Let’s sum this up, shall we?

  1. Under $40 + 10% 0ff
  2. 6 atomizers
  3. Lifetime warranty

What possible reason do you have for not buying this right now? I cannot see any… Don’t need it yourself? These make an unbelievable gift!


Here’s the rest of the stuff it comes with:

1 x SOURCE orb 3 attachment

1 x SOURCE volt Nano Battery (650mah / 3 Temp Settings)

6 x 3 Series atomizers

1 x Premium Tool

1 x Travel Charger

1 x Silicone Container

1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

1x Large Fast-Charge Charger


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