Magic Flight Finishing Grinder Review

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Magic Flight Finishing Grinder








Build Quality


Ease of Use




Overall Value



  • Beautiful Craftmanship
  • Pillowy powder-like grind
  • Sustainable Production
  • Hand Crafted
  • Lifts your vaping to a new level
  • The Best Customer Service
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • None

Magic Flight Finishing Grinder Review


Many conduction vaporizers tend to work more efficiently with a very small grind. The few grinders we review that offer a “fine” grind size are still just a bit too coarse to achieve vaping nirvana. If you own a Magic Flight Launch Box, or any other type on conduction or convection vaporizer, this is the single most important accessory that you will ever buy.

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Enter the Ninja

Made of solid sustainable hardwoods, the Magic Flight finishing grinder is a beauty to behold. The 2-piece Magic-Flight finishing grinder utilizes a stainless-steel grate and works like a fine cheese grater. The friction creates a micro-fine grind that will truly revolutionize your vaporizing experience.

Although the MFFG is exclusively designed to mate perfectly with the Magic Flight Launch Box bowl to grind directly into the trench, or to an Escape Pod Stash Box. The Escape Pod allows you to store extras for yourself, or so you can share the love with your friends. Speaking of love, the MFFG is hand-crafted by their skilled artisans for the perfect grinder every time!

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A worthy Companion

If you are going to buy the Magic Flight finishing grinder, I would highly suggest that you also get the Magic Flight Escape Pod Stash Box as a companion. The grinder is pretty small and will mince only what you will use for one session. If you do not have an Escape Pod, grind over your tray so you can collect all the goodies as they fall from the bottom like green snow.

The Magic Flight Escape Pod Stash Box is another handcrafted functional work of art. Fashioned out of the same woods as the MFLB and the MFFG. Equipped with a snug-fitting, sliding bamboo lid to safely and securely store your goods & durable enough to withstand banging around with keys or change in your pocket or bag without spilling. The center divider also is removable to merge the two storage containers into one.

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For the most part, this grinder functions just like most other grinders. Place dried herb into the grinder, twist to grind the material, collect it when finished. The key difference lies in its unique bottomless design.

If you have a MFLB, the grinder deposits your treasure right into the trench. When used in conjunction with the escape pod, you have a place to grind and store. With neither, the herb simply falls out.


The herb that you use in this grinder works best if it’s on the drier side. (Wet sticky buds will make for a mess and a compulsory cleaning session.) It doesn’t take much effort to produce the most superior, texturally delicate grind you will ever find when fed properly.

This grinder is really tiny. In comparison, its not much bigger around than a quarter. You will have to break you buds up a bit in order to fit them into the compact chamber. Its diminutive size makes it better suited to solo or pair/couples’ sessions. Unless grinding is your thing.

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The Magic Flight finishing grinder is available in 3 different sustainable hardwood types; Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. The finishing grinder is delivered inside a round, black felt lined tin for storage and protection and comes with an instruction guide.

No matter what color you choose, know that you are buying a hand-crafted piece of art with a Lifetime Functional Warranty. If anything were to go wrong, the amazing people at Magic Flight will make everything all right without hesitation. They are truly the best in the biz.

Final Thoughts

I love handcrafted wood, so the Magic Flight finishing grinder really appeals to me. No matter what it looked like though, I would buy it solely based on the grind. This is about as fine as you are going to get it folks. The fact that it is actually really beautiful as well is icing on the cake. The Escape Pod is a very handy companion to the MFFG and just as important – especially for those without an MFLB.

This is one of those no-brainer things for me. Once you see the grind and experience the flavor, you will kick yourself for not having bought one of these sooner. The Magic Flight finishing grinder makes the perfect grind for not only the MFLB, but also for most conduction vapes on the market, and some convection vaporizers as well.

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