Nomatiq Hex Grinder Review

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Nomatiq Hex Grinder








Build Quality


Ease of Use


Overall Value



  • Doubles as a 3 piece
  • Strong Magnets keep it secure
  • Unique shape - easy to grip and turn
  • Sharp teeth, great grind
  • No threads to clean!


  • May separate if dropped just right
  • Screen is non-replacable

Nomatiq Hex Grinder Review

 Almost every multi-piece grinder we review all share a commonality; they screw together. There are a few that use some form of quick release. These, however still rely on either short threads or some mechanical action. This is the future, haven’t we invented a better way yet?

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The Nomatiq Hex Grinder

Turns out we already have! The Hex grinder from Nomatiq is the first grinder to have all pieces held firmly together by a magnetic field.  No screw threads to line up ever again! The Hex grinder utilizes a series of 14 powerful magnets to keep the 4 pieces aligned in its unique hexagon shape.

The Hex Grinder comes in two shiny metallic tones: Rose Gold and Rainbow. If you like shiny, these are for you. The Rainbow model offers the cool look of titanium without the titanium price. The Hex is a 2-inch hexagonal grinder that measures 2.25 inches tall.


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A sturdy tower

Made from a strong zinc alloy, the Nomatiq Hex grinder sports 33 razor sharp teeth that willingly do battle with the toughest of buds. Its 2-inch diameter entryway allows for using larger, dense buds. This grinder works just as well with sticky buds as it does with dry, crunchy ones.

In its full 4-piece configuration, the stainless-steel screen does exceptionally well at kief generation. If you like, you could also skip the screen and shred straight to the cup by simply removing the screen section. This method keeps the kief with your ground herb so you can use it all at once.

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The Grind

The Nomatiq Hex Grinder’s 33 teeth quickly shred your flower to a medium/fine consistency that works equally well in almost every application. The twisting action is smooth like butter, and it doesn’t take long to churn out a decent pile of herb. Great all-purpose grind!

The kief catcher is lined with slick plastic which makes separating the kief effortless using the included plastic scraper.

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Other Notes

Although the grind is pretty good for vaporizers, it may not be fine enough depending on your personal preference. If you use a conduction vaporizer, you may want to invest in a finishing grinder. (I believe all Vape users should already own one of these.)

As this grinder is held together only magnets, there is a greater risk of separation upon impact. I have dropped it from coffee-table height onto a wood floor and had it separate two out of 10 times. I carried it around in a backpack to see if it would open in everyday carrying, is did not.


The Nomatiq Hex Grinder is a cool mid-ranged grinder that performs really well. Its unique magnetic attachment system allows for easy separation while firmly holding it all together from all but unnecessary roughness.

The grind is nice and fluffy, and kief collection was great. I think as long as you aren’t one of those people who drop their grinder off the table often, the magnets are strong enough to keep it together. Overall this is a good performing, eye-catching grinder that will certainly start a few conversations.

Check out Nomatiq and get your Hex Grinder today!

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