Reinventing the Grinder: HØJ KLIP Grinder Review 2023

Medible review HOJ KLIP Grinder Review In The

HOJ KLIP Grinder


Design Quality


Build Materials


Ease of Use








Overall Value



  • Comes with 3 separate grind plates
  • Effortless Grinding
  • Perfectly designed
  • Superb Grind results
  • Highly Customizable


  • Grinder will separate if you twist wrong
  • Funnel is not included

Over the years, dozens, if not hundreds of grinders have found their way to my desk. Their arrival is usually anti-climactic, and reviewing them has become more a chore. Sadly, grinder reviews were becoming rather boring. The HØJ KLIP grinder review is about to change all that.

The Evolution of the Grinder

It seems like there hasn’t really been much evolution in the grinder arena over the past century. A disc shaped device consisting of two plates of opposing teeth has pretty much been the norm, with the only real variations being in the tooth geometry, size and layout.

You can get grinders in just about every color, size and shape imaginable. Most screw together, but there are also those held together by magnets. Some are simple 2-piece pucks, while others have 8 pieces that you can configure into a myriad of different ways.

No matter which option you choose, the basic functionality of the grinder is unchanged. Sharp teeth rip your cannabis flowers to more manageable shreds that are more easily used. Most of the time this process produces an irregularly chopped mess, but we just deal with it as we have for the last 110 years.

HOJ KLIP Grinder Review
HØJ KLIP Grinder Review

First Impressions – HØJ KLIP Grinder Review

Most of the time packaging is more of an afterthought, typically a cardboard box with some flashy graphics. The first thing you see immediately upon unboxing is that the packaging is unique, elegant and functional.

A smoked acrylic dome is firmly held in place by magnets on the rim as well as magnets imbedded in the cork base. Yes, the bed is made of sustainable cork and splits in twain to reveal storage for your 3 different adapters. More on those later.

Under the dome lies the KLIP itself. Held together by strong rare earth magnets, the KLIP grinder consists of a whopping 10 pieces. This allows for numerous configurations that can be assembled in seconds.

HOJ KLIP Grinder Review - Exploded
HØJ KLIP Grinder Review

How does the KLIP grinder work?

Fully assembled, the KLIP is a 4-layer grinder. Removing the top layer provides access to the adapter plate that allows you to grind fine, medium or course.  I started with the coarse and worked my way down.

Opening the top lid exposes a 3-celled loading chamber with a rather odd shape. The shape will make sense quickly though. Its not a large chamber by any means, so it does require larger buds to be first broken down.

Once you load the 3 chambers, snap the top lid back on and start twisting. The grip might take a minute to get used to, depending on your grinding style. The HØJ KLIP grinder requires only a light touch to operate perfectly. Forcefully twisting the grinder will result in separation of the magnets.

HOJ KLIP Grinder Review - The Blades
HØJ KLIP Grinder Review – The Blades

Magnetic Blade Levitation

The grinder started out with kinda the normal resistance I was expecting, but quickly went to almost zero. It was so easy to turn, I thought I was no longer grinding. I opened the lid, pushed the buds in a little more, and started over.

This thing literally requires zero effort to turn and offers no resistance. I had to keep checking the chamber to verify it was working. It did take quite a few turns, especially with the fine plate. Since it was effortless, it didn’t really bother me, but it was noticeably a longer process.

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Slice, not Shred

The KLIP grinder from Danish design company HØJ is arguably the first real evolution in the history of the grinder. Gone are the 2 sets of opposing teeth; Replaced with a rotating knife blade system that uses opposing magnets to drastically reduce friction.

Having your flower finely sliced by The Glaive produces a much more uniform grind (although, I really shouldn’t call it a grind, need a new word). The end results are much lighter and fluffier, especially when using the fine adapter plate.

HOJ KLIP Grinder Review - The Grinds
HØJ KLIP Grinder Review – The Grinds

The Grind

The coarse grind works really well in for a bong, it burns very evenly with no leftover coals. The Medium is a nice all-around grind that I find works well in the HØJ KØL pipe and for stuffing cones. Where this baby really shines though is the Fine grind plate.

It’s hard to find a grinder that can produce quality vaporizer fluff without totally destroying your flower in the process. My go to for this has typically been the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, a tool that has served me well for many years.

The HØJ KLIP grinder edges out the MFFG in the uniformity of the grind though. I have never seen such perfectly shaven flower pieces. It looks magnificent under a microscope; I will post some pics of that later. The pieces are all the same size, like they were spit out of a mold.

The fine grind works perfectly for my portable and desktop vapes, and I find myself using it for almost everything now. After my next batch of freeze cannabis is finished, I plan on trying the fine plate in lieu of my micro planer for making cannabis spice rubs.

HØJ KLIP Grinder Review

The Downsides

There is a downside to this slicing method, but it will not matter to most people. The HØJ KLIP grinder is so efficient at cutting your herb, you lose almost no trichomes. Therefore, the kief collector at the base will take quite some time to fill up. Only kief collectors probably care about this, I for one do not.

There is a slight learning curve to the grip and twist, the grinder can come apart in your hands if you twist both directions at once. Only twisting the top will guarantee the grinder stays together. Once you get used to it, its no longer a worry.

HOJ KLIP Grinder Review - The Funnel
HØJ KLIP Grinder Review – The Funnel

Although HØJ does sell separately a funnel that attaches to the KLIP, I wish they had included at least a small plastic scoop or something to aid in retrieving your goodies. Not a deal breaker by any means, and I personally have a few lying around that I will use.

The chamber is smaller than comparably sized grinders, so probably not the best tool for high volume grinding. Perfectly adequate, though, for personal use.

The Warranty

The HØJ KLIP grinder comes with a lifetime warranty that covers issues that you didn’t actually cause yourself. Not a lot of grinders have a lifetime warranty, it means a lot to me that a company has faith in their product and is willing to back that up.

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HOJ KLIP Grinder Review - Cleaning the KLIP
HØJ KLIP Grinder Review – Cleaning the KLIP

Cleaning the HØJ KLIP Grinder

The KLIP is probably the easiest grinder ever to clean. Disassemble the device fully and simply rinse them off. If any resin gets stuck, drop the dirty pieces in alcohol, let them soak, then rinse clean. Dry the pieces with a lint free cloth, a paper towel, or simply let them air dry.

Overall Impression

HØ really hit the mark with the KLIP grinder. The slicing method with the fine plate produces the absolute perfect grind for vaporizers, as well as superior medium and coarse grinds.

Its not the fastest grinder out there by far, but it is by far the most effortless. Coupled with arguably the best grind ever produced, this makes this the best grinder of 2022 and for the foreseeable future.

Time will tell on how long the blades stay sharp, but I imagine if they start to get dull you could probably grind up some rice to re-sharpen them. The blades are made with stainless steel, they should stay sharp for a while. If not, you can buy new replacement blades for only $20.

I would personally like to see the funnel included with the grinder. I would gladly still pay the adjusted price, because I think you should not be without the funnel. An additional $20 would not deter me from purchasing this grinder again.

I could go on about this grinder more, but its best you just experience it for yourself. Go check out HØ and grab a KLIP grinder while they are available. Also check out their cool magnetic pipes while you are there!

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