Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope Review

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Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope






Ease of Use


Image Quality




Overall Value



  • Extended Depth of Field
  • Extended Dynamic Range
  • Superb Image Quality
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Changeable lens caps
  • Built-in Polarizer
  • Long 6' USB cable
  • Excellent software
  • Lifetime tech support
  • Wireless viewing available


  • EDOF and EDR only available on Windows
  • DinoConnect only available on Android

Digital Microscopes for Cannabis

Microscopes are handy tools with a wide range of applications in the cannabis industry.  From pest detection to trichome observation, microscopes let you easily spot problems that you would not see with the naked eye until it’s too late. One of the biggest issues with traditional microscopes is their lack of portability, but with the advent of the USB digital microscope all that has changed. You no longer need to take a piece of your plant to the microscope, you can bring the microscope to the plant!

Digital USB microscopes have been around for a few years. There are dozens of manufacturers selling these microscopes online; most of them are low-end entry level scopes and some of them are outright toys. While these may be fine for the casual user the lack of quality and features will quickly become apparent to those who are searching for a serious microscope. Luckily there are quality Digital USB Microscope manufacturers out there like Dinolite providing professional scopes for those people.

The Dinolite AM4815ZT

The Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope, coupled with the RK-06A general purpose tabletop stand make getting those close-up shots an effortless process. The solid, all metal stand offers both butter-smooth focus adjustment and rapid vertical movement. If you need more height, the vertical range can be greatly extended with the optional RK-06-PL extension pole. The adaptable extension arm makes it possible to find that perfect position for your microscope, regardless of angle.

Once you are pointed in the right direction, the AM4815ZT works is magic, providing you with stunning pictures at 1280 x 1024 resolution. The 8 built-in LED lights provide an abundant amount of light to give you bright images. The Dinolite provides brilliant optically clear images at magnification ranges of 15x – 220x. Where the AM4815ZT really shines is its ability to stack multiple layers of pictures taken at different focus depths together to create a single image in complete focus. This feature, called Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF). EDOF enables the microscope to focus on a multi-level surfaced object and photograph it in complete clarity.

Unbeatable Imaging Features

Another noteworthy feature of the AM4815ZT is called Extended Dynamic range (EDR). For high contrast or reflective surface, the EDR capture mode can help to reveal the details of dark or bright areas, which may be lost in normal capture mode, by stacking images taken at different exposure levels.  Both EDOF and EDR capture mode can take several pictures and stack them automatically within a click. The resulted EDOF or EDR image maintains the picture quality from its original pictures which can be reviewed in the DinoCapture 2.0 software interface. Sorry Mac users, these features are Windows only.

The AM4815ZT comes with a freely adjustable polarizer to help reveal more detail or to enhance the contrast on the surface by reducing or eliminating reflections. This model also features an adaptable cap design; Different caps have been developed for better adaptability for more applications. Caps easily snap on and off allowing for easy interchangeability. If you require more working distance in the higher magnification range or to have better accessibility to the full range of magnification, you can simply remove the cap entirely.

Solid Construction

The Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope has a solid-feeling metal housing, no plastic to crack! This microscope has the built-in ability to read all popular barcode formats, and once calibrated with the included tool, can be used to perform precise measurements through the DinoCapture 2.0 software. For remote viewing, the Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope can be configured as a remote IP camera via IP camera mode. This allows you to broadcast your findings to your friends or colleagues in real time!

The Bottom Line

The Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope provides crystal clear images at every magnification level. The ultra-bright LED lights provide an abundant supply of illumination and the changeable end-caps make customizing your viewing a breeze. The Extended Depth of Field and Extended Dynamic Range features are by themselves worth the cost of entry, as they provide a stunning level of clarity and depth you just can’t get from any other USB microscope. Sharing your stunning images over the internet with the included IP camera mode is quick and painless.

The Dinolite RK-06A General Purpose tabletop stand is a sturdy all metal stand with a solid heavy base. No chance of this one accidentally tipping over. The fine focus knob is very smooth and provides a wide focusing range. If you need a lot more height, a quick turn of a thumb screw raises your elevation swiftly. The adaptable extension arm really helps in achieving that perfect angle for your viewing. This is one of the most solid feeling adjustable stands you will find at any price level.

Get Ultra Portability with the Mobile App

If you need a more portable option, the AM4815ZT can also connect to your Android smart phone via the DinoDirect software! This allows you to take the scope to your plants for a quick easy viewing. You must purchase a USB to USB-C adapter or a  USB to Micro USB adapter (depending on you phone) separately to allow the Dinolite to plug into your phone’s USB charging port. If you are an Apple user, fear not there is an option for you as well! The available Digital Wireless Microscope Adapter allows you to connect your Dinolite to your Wifi for remote viewing. This option works with iOS 8.0+, Android 4.0+ and Windows.

The Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope starts at $869.00 and comes with a 2-year warranty and free tech support. For a complete listing of all the Dinolite’s features, please click here. The Dinolite RK-06A General Purpose tabletop stand is available here direct from Dinolite starting at $189.00.

The Dinolite AM4815ZT Digital USB Microscope used for this review was provided to Medible Review by Dinolite for this evaluation and review. All microphotography available on mediblereview.com was captured using the AM4815ZT and the RK-06A Tabletop Stand, also provided by Dinolite.


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