The FEZ dry herb & concentrate vaporizer review

The FEZ dry herb & concentrate vaporizer








Battery Life






Ease of use


Vapor Quality


Overall Value



  • Lightweight
  • Hits pretty hard
  • Huge battery life
  • Concentrate option


  • Plastic taste at first until it burns off
  • Plastic mouthpiece

FEZ dry herb & concentrate vaporizer review

 Bring forth the Fez

 Not to be confused with the funny looking hat nor the character from That 70’s Show, the Fez dry herb & concentrate vaporizer is a sleek, pen style portable vaporizer with power to spare. Going camping for a week? No problem! The Fez’s powerful 4,000 mVh lithium ion battery that is built to last at over 2,000 puffs per charge. This should be ample time for even the most extended of outings!

The Fez utilizes a quick and easy twist off mouthpiece as a lid to the built-in ceramic herb chamber. Fez also includes a metal concentrate cup insert that you can use to easily convert this unit into a wax pen. The single interface button both powers on the device and cycles through its 3 preset temperature control settings which range from 300 – 464 degrees F. (148 – 240 C.)

Ultra-portable value

The body of the Fez dry herb & concentrate vaporizer measures at 7 inches long and weighs an extremely light 3 oz. (90g), making it extremely easy to transport. The included accessories add to the great value of this portable conduction vaporizer providing you with a quality dab tool, glass concentrate jar, and other assorted goodies. Silicone mouthpiece helps tame the temps, keeping your lips cool.


The tech stuff

The Fez operates between 3.7v–4.2v (5-20w) with an Auto Shutoff feature which will power off your vape after a preset time in case you forget. Heat up time for the Fez from cold was between 60-90 seconds, with the latter providing a much better hit. Subsequent hits are quicker once the chamber is warmed up.

Want to know the battery level? Simply give the Fez a shake and it will respond with Green, Yellow or Red pulses indicating battery level. The fez accessory kit comes with not only the typical USB charging cable, but its very own wall plug as well! Charging took about 3 hours, but a charge can easily last a week or 2.


The Bottom Line

The Fez dry herb & concentrate vaporizer is a potent hitting, easy to carry vaporizer for under $100. Its battery life is insane, allowing for some seriously extended sessions. Charge it up, then let it run on the high setting for 5 or 6 sessions with an empty chamber. This will help to eliminate any chance of a plastic smell/taste infiltrating its way into your herb.

The nice deep ceramic bowl holds more than enough herb for your session and having the available bucket option for using this with concentrates is a nice bonus. Bonus accessory kit has pretty good tools and extras for a vape in this price range. This is a great vape to take with you on those outdoor excursions of unknown length, as the battery will probably outlast you. Pick up the Fez dry herb & concentrate vaporizer today from Smoke Cartel and add this little powerhouse to your collection!


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Author: Allan

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1 year ago

At the time of this review (10/1/19) – I have received only 2 of my 3 vaporizers. I was told it would take a week. We are on day 10 and I have yet to receive a shipping confirmation or a reply to an email requesting an ETA. Of the two I have received, one of them no longer charges after 2 times. I am attempting to return and make a warranty claim but have not received a reply to my support email (which is the only contact info Fez LLC makes available. I am now on day 4 waiting… Read more »

Reply to  Allan
1 year ago

I received the 3rd one in the mail today but no communication it was arriving. Now onto the wait for a warranty claim. No word from support on that. Also they are now charging $129/fez and not $99