Errylbird Butane Torch Art Series review

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ErrlyBird Torch Art


Build Material


Build Quality


Ease of Use


Overall Value



  • One handed operation
  • Cool Graphics
  • High powered Heat
  • Lock for hands-free operation


  • None

Errylbird Torch Art Dab Torch Review

 There is a plethora of torches on the market capable of heating your nail or bucket, but none look as cool as this one! The Errlybird Torch Art line of butane powered torches feature limited-edition high-quality prints of original artwork created specifically for them! By purchase an Errlybird torch, you also help to directly support the artist!

Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!

One of my favorite works of art from this line is the Beavis & Butthead torch featuring the duo rockin some facial hair being rolled up into a fat joint. Every time I use this torch, echoes of The Great Cornholio ricochet through my brain spurring a few chuckles here and there along with the obligatory head banging to Judas Priest. There are other prints besides the B&B one available that may better suit your style, check out the Smoke Cartel website for more!

Design & Performance

The Errlybird Torch is solidly constructed and capable of being used single handed. It features a locking thumb safety and a flame lock which makes the unit hands free. The flame can also be adjusted from jet engine to cigar lighter style. This is a serious high-performance butane torch that comes with a no-proof limited Warranty.

The ErrlyBird Torch Art series of torches feature cool graphics and super-heated performance that will perfectly complement any rig you have. Its 2700 degree pinpoint flame heats up your target quickly, letting you get to the things you enjoy the most. Head on over to Smoke Cartel and pick up one of these torches today!



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