New! High power HPF4000 LED Grow Light – 480w Review

Medible review HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED grow light



Build Material


Build Quality


Component Quality




Light Output




Overall Value



  • Name Brand LEDs
  • Lightweight
  • You can choose to only use half the light
  • Name Brand Drivers
  • Detachable Driver
  • Super Bright!


  • I wish the power cord was longer

Full Spectrum LED Grow lights like the HPF4000 LED Grow Light from HYPHOTONFLUX have gained some serious ground as of late, with more and more manufacturers popping up with newer, better, and cheaper options. A quick search on Amazon yields well over 3000 choices making selecting a decent light a daunting task. There are good lights there if you can hunt them down though. The HPF4000 LED Grow Light is one of them.

I recently forayed into the realm of Amazon’s vast grow light selection looking for something new. In particular, I was looking for a light upgrade for my 5×5 tent that was under $1000. After what seamed like months of sorting through their offerings, I settled on the HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 480W LED Grow Light.

The HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 480W LED Grow Light

I chose the HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000, as it had the best blend of options I was looking for. (I had never heard of the brand, but I hoped that it would work sufficiently for my purpose.) The HPF4000 uses industry leading Samsung LM301B & Osram deep red diodes, for a total of 1,272 LEDs, and draws 480 watts from a pair of MeanWell drivers.

According to the seller, the HPF4000 delivers PPF Efficacy up to 2.7 μmol/J and an average PPFD of 1300 μmol/s @12″ in a 4’x4′ coverage zone.  This is about a 50% improvement over the old light that it is replacing, so it should make a huge difference in my tent. It also features a detachable driver so heat buildup can be easily mitigated if I need.

HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 Led grow light review

Examining the Light

The HPF4000 is able to fold in half, so the delivery box was a lot smaller than I was anticipating. Once unfolded, this light is huge, measuring 35x30x4! The aluminum bars housing the LEDs are maybe 4 inches wide and hollow for easy heat dissipation. This is good, as the light has no fan.

After hooking up all the power cables, I flipped the switch and instantly regretted having the LED facing my direction. The light is absolutely blinding! There is a dimmer switch which allows you to tone it down a bit for your needs, adjusting from 10% to 100%. The HPF4000 can be daisy chained, with up to 80 lights on a single controller.

A nice feature of this light, whether intended or not, is that you can choose to only plug in 1 side of the lights as opposed to 2. This means that you can save energy and only use half the light when needed. Thanks to this, the HPF4000 grow light and my 5×5 tent will also become a great starter for the veggie garden this spring!

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How’s it Hanging?

The HPF4000 comes with the basic hanging kit similar to just about every light out there. This set uses a metal bracket that attaches between the pulley rope and the light itself. While this makes setup easy, it adds an extra few inches to the length of the system. For me this exasperates one of my biggest gripes regarding these lights: You cannot raise them high enough.

The length of the ropes coupled with the design of the pulley system can leave over a foot of empty space above the lights. This is easily another 6-8 inches of height that your plants are being robbed of. This is an industry wide issue, so not really these guys’ fault. I just wish there was a better solution.

Once properly secured, the pulley system works well. The light is surprisingly light for its size, weighing in at around 24 pounds. This means that it is well under the weight limit of just about every tent I have seen. You will have no problem adjusting the height of your LED grow light to get it exactly where you want it.

HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 Led grow light review

Turbocharged Performance

The light output of the HPF 4000 is ridiculously bright, and has no issues filling every square inch of my 5×5 tent. I probably would use this light in an even bigger tent if I had one. I ran the light at its maximum brightness for a few hours inside the enclosed tent so I could better judge the heat levels this beast produced.

Amazingly, after nearly half the day the interior of the tent was only 70 degrees. My older light was much hotter. The LED itself is warm to the touch, but not hot by any means. There is pretty much zero risk of accidentally burning yourself on it. Also, not a single sound – the fanless design is completely silent.

I put my light meter about 24 inches below the light to measure the PPFD. In the center, I was getting high 1100s, with a little lower reading in the low 500s at the edges. This should be more than sufficient for my lighting needs. Time will ultimately tell, but I think I’m good.

The Warranty

In the event of an issue, it is good to know that HYPHOTONFLUX provides a 3-year warranty and U.S.-based after-sales service. One quick phone call and their support will have you back up and running in no time. With support being U.S. based, you shouldn’t have to wait for very long to receive a replacement in the event of a faulty light.

The company itself has been manufacturing LED lights for over 11 years, with the HYPHOTONFLUX brand being established in 2019 to provide growers worldwide with commercial-grade LED grow lights at affordable prices. You can find out more information on the company by checking out their Facebook page.

HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 Led grow light review

The Downside

Other than the unknown longevity of the unit, I don’t really see any negatives to the HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED grow light. The design is clean, the manufacturing process put out an impeccably built product, and the price is very attractive.

I do wish there was a better mounting system for these lights in general, especially if you don’t have tall tents. Again, not this product’s fault. What I will fault them for is this: The power cord is too short, especially if you route your cables up. I would like to see a power cable that is at least 10 feet long.

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The Verdict

Overall, I am really impressed; this may be the best LED grow light in its price range. The light is sturdy yet lightweight, folds for easy transport, and is brighter than you could imagine. I could see using this in a larger tent than a 5×5, it really puts out a ton of light. It would also be an excellent choice for commercial growing needs.

For the price, the HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Light provides a ludicrous amount of light for your larger tents. You should have no problem achieving high yields with this powerhouse. The fact that you can also choose to only run half the light also makes this great for using with seedlings.

If you have a 5×5 or even a 6×6 tent and are looking for a new light, look no further. The HPF4000 is the best grow light for the money that you will find. The HPF4000 is available on Amazon, so shipping is nice and fast. Find this on Amazon today and supercharge your grow!

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