tCheck 2 review 2023 – Amazing device tests your homemade cannabis infusions

tCheck2 cannabis potency tester

tCheck 2 - Home THC and CBD potency tester








Build Quality


Ease of Use



  • Relatively accurate home potency testing!
  • Fast results in under 60 seconds
  • Simple and Easy to operate
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Keeps logs of all your tests


  • Sample tray scratches easily, (cosmetic only, doesn't interfere with operation)
  • 15mg/ml max reading requires sample dilution
  • Maybe not a "lab level" of accuracy, but good enough for most people

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tCheck 2 Review

The tCheck 2 review has finally arrived and is on sale! We put it through a few tests and the full results are below. Don’t have time? Here’s a review summary! The tCheck 2 device is a portable spectrometer which will tell you the CBV% (cannabinoids by volume) of your oil or alcohol based cannabis infusions. It has a maximum reading ability of 15mg/ml, so you may need to dilute your oil or tincture before testing. As long as you follow the guide and understand its limitations, the device is amazing! If you make your own oils, tinctures, or concentrates you simply MUST have one of these in your toolkit!


When you are making Cannabutter or infusing Coconut oil, one of the main issues home cannabis infusers must deal with is trying to accurately determine the THC and/or CBD content of their products. Some relatively simple math will get you in the ballpark, but what if you wanted to know the exact percentage of cannabinoids present in your infusion?

Tcheck 2 home cannabis potency tester


Typically, the only way for you to determine your potency is sending samples of your medicine to a laboratory for analysis. Without access to a lab, you were pretty much stuck using the crude mathematical method to estimate your potency until now! Thanks to modern technology, you now can perform an exact measurement of the cannabinoids of your infusion (or your flower or concentrates for that matter) in the comfort of your own home with a simple inexpensive device called the tCheck!

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The tCheck 2 device is an application specific UV-Vis spectrometer designed to measure the concentration of herbal compounds in liquids. It works by shining a specific wavelength (color) of light through the oil, then measuring the amount of light that makes it through. The tCheck 2 also has the ability to test your raw cannabis flower and cannabis concentrates! The entire testing process takes place in under 60 seconds and displays total of the dominant cannabinoids in CBV (Compound by volume) measurement.


The tCheck 2 is a simple easy to use device consisting of a small hard plastic box emblazoned with the tCheck logo and a solitary power button. There is a large rectangular slot next to that lonely button which serves to guide in the sample tray to the magic inside. The tCheck 2 sample tray has a small well in the end where you put your good stuff.

To get prepared, first download and install the tCheck 2 App on your phone and connect the device via Bluetooth. Open the App and register your account. This will allow you to see and save the results log of all your tests. Sign in the App and power on the device. Perform any firmware updates if prompted.

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Medible review buynow 1


Prepare your sample *See Below. Load the tray’s sample well with 4-5 drops of your oil or tincture and snap on the lid. (It’s ok if a small amount spills over, the tray will catch the rest.) Make certain there are no bubbles present, nor any solid contaminants as they will make your reading fail.

Power on the tCheck 2 and open the App. On the home page, hit the “Run Test” button. Follow the prompts and have your room temperature available – you need it. After inserting your slide, your test should be finished in about 60 seconds. The device entertains you along the way with a flourish of funny little anecdotes, so you don’t get bored.

tcheck 2 review

Once complete, the results are displayed as either THC or CBD along with the strength in mg/mL.  If you did not have to dilute your product first, this is your final measurement of the cannabinoid content. If you had to dilute, simply multiply your results times the dilution ratio you chose. (Ex. If you used a 1:10 dilution ratio for the test, multiply your results by 10 to get your actual values). The device shows you the CBV % of the dominant cannabinoid by default.

You can also test flower and concentrates with the optional Flower & Concentrate Kit. This kit allows for proper sample preparation to allow your tCheck 2 to accurately determine the cannabinoid percentages. The resulting tincture sample is tested in the same manner as any other test, just choose “Alcohol” as your base in the prompts.

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This is the only part where you have to do some work. You must first prepare your sample so that you are reasonably certain it falls under the 15 mg/mL testing limit. As you probably have no idea what you have, this can be a stab in the dark.

For quick easy math purposes, you could start with a 1:10 dilution ratio. Here you will mix 1 drop of your infused oil with 9 drops of your base oil (ie. If you infused olive oil, use regular olive to dilute). Mix gently but thoroughly, taking care not to make any bubbles. This is the solution you will test.

If it shows a reading, multiply that result by 10 to get the true strength of your infusion. If it says OVER, don’t worry, that just means you’ve got some stronger stuff! You can try again with a higher ratio like 1:20 (1 part infused, 19 parts base). Multiply your results by 20 to get the true strength of your infusion.

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It only takes a few tries to get the hang of this; It’s not a very complicated process. You would get a more consistent result by using the Serial Mixing technique, but this is way faster, way easier, and close enough if you mix well.

The tCheck does require that your solution be as free from contaminants as possible in order to provide the most accurate results. I highly recommend that you filter your material before testing, even if there is no contamination visible at all. The simplest and easiest method for filtering is to use a 150ml disposible syringe and a 20 micron syringe filter.

**Update: tCheck is now including a syringe and syringe filters in the addon accessory kit! This is a most welcome addition and will aid in much more accurate tests. If you do not have the kit, you can still get them on Amazon.


I think that the tCheck 2 is probably one of the most important devices that a cannabis consumer should own. If you make your own oils for edibles or tinctures, the tCheck 2 takes the guesswork out of the picture and gives you piece of mind by accurately determining your dosage. There may be a small learning curve for some, (mostly with the dilutions is my guess), but most people should have no real issues operating this device; just follow the guides.

The tCheck 2 is available for $299.00 (-  $25 off with coupon below) directly from If you wish to test flower, there is an addon kit that provides you with that ability as well. The kit is also available at

If you make oils, tinctures or concentrates at home, you really need to add the tCheck2 to your arsenal! Without a tCheck2, you are just blindly guessing about what you are about to consume….and that’s a recipe for disaster!

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Medible review buynow

Already have a tCheck? Tell us what you think about it below!

How accurate is tCheck?

tCheck Accuracy: The tCheck 2 is accurate to +/- 3 percentage points. The tCheck 2 can measure cannabinoid quantities in concentrations as high as 15mg/ml. Stronger infusions require dilution before testing.

Can tCheck measure CBD?

Yes! The tCheck 2 can measure both THC and CBD in your infusion. The tCheck 2 measures the total cannabinoid content of your infusion. You can use this to test whether or not the CBD you buy is actually the strength they SAY it is!

How do you read tCheck?

The tCheck app is used to read the tCheck 2 device via a Bluetooth connection between the tCheck and your phone. The tCheck 2 displays your cannabinoids in mg/ml. The older version, tCheck 1, had a small LCD screen on the unit itself. Want to know why they got rid of that? Ask tCheck support!

How do you test for edible potency?

Cannabis potency testing is simple with the tCheck 2. The steps to operate the tcheck infusion potency tester vary based on what you are wanting to test, be it Flower or your latest weed infused olive oil. The steps are easy to follow, just about anyone can do it! Far cheaper alternative to laboratory testing – pays for itself in 5 or 6 uses.

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