How to Choose the Best Type of Edible For You

Medible review How to Choose the Best Type of Edible For You

Weed edibles hit a different kind of high compared to smoking a joint. However, selecting a weed edible can be a tricky job. Now that weed edibles keep on being legalized in more states, here are factors to help you decide the best type of edible for you:


Gummies with a sour flavor are among the most loved weed edibles through time. They have various fruity flavors, colors, sour variations, and shapes. Gummies are easy to fit in your pocket or bag and thus easy to carry around and can be used at any time of the day. Gummies take roughly about two hours to sometimes one hour for the effects to start kicking in.

Gummies can be kept on the shelf for a while without getting spoiled, and thus, the users have the freedom and flexibility to decide when to eat them.

Gummies edibles results after using are energizing effect, calming effect, or varying between the two. They are commonly sold as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? Dark, white, and milk chocolate bars dosed with cannabis are available. The edibles chocolates have been added flavors like peppermint, whole nut, and pretty much anything you would like in chocolate form. Chocolate cannabis is very tasty and can be consumed easily.


If you enjoy eating granola in bars, salads, or cereals, granola coated with cannabis will be perfect for you. Also, it is the best fit for those overly concerned about their health and food habits because they are accurately pre-dosed.

Baked Edibles

If you are probably wondering what are edibles. Edibles are food products that have been put in the weed for eating. There is a wide range of different types of baked edibles containing weed on the market in the current society. They include chocolate brownies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, tarts, quiches, and scones, all made with cannabis in them. Baked edibles are to be eaten in tiny portions since they take time to feel the effect.

Cannabis in baked goods will take time to reach your system, roughly one and a half an hour, but the effects are felt strongly and last for a longer time.

Dried Fruit

Fruits like pears, apples, bananas, and mangos are dried with a strong cannabutter. They are packaged in packs or twenty pieces and sometimes ten pieces. They are perfect for users who want to eat them discreetly, as they are tiny and convenient to carry around.


For those who enjoy cooking and would love to make edibles themselves, you should go for cannabutter. Simply substitute it for regular butter in your favorite recipes and make slight adjustments to the baking temperature to make these treats.

Hard Candy And Mints

These edibles dissolve directly in your mouth and are rapidly absorbed into the blood system. They are the best edibles if you need immediate effects of cannabis, taking just about twenty minutes and less than half an hour. However, among other cannabis edibles, they last the shortest time in your system.

With hard candy, the cannabis effects remain in your body for around two hours and can reach up to six hours depending on how much you take.

Cannabis Powders That Are Dissolvable

The soluble powders give people the luxury of turning any drink of their choice into a cannabis drink, except alcoholic drinks since it is not recommended. Enjoy your sparkling water by throwing in a sachet of the water-soluble cannabis powder.

Or you can jump the dissolving process and pour the powder right on your tongue and prepare to have a good time. Water-soluble cannabis drinks are found in various drinks such as sodas, energy drinks, and tea. They mostly have a dosing cap to pour in your prescription.


A cannabis pill allows precise dosing and is more common among older people: the older people and others who are not recommended to use sugar. The pills provide an energizing and relaxing solution.

Before You Go…

Therefore, before deciding what type of edible you want, decide the function you want it to perform: relax and have fun or relieve body aches. Remember, with any cannabis edible. It is crucial to comprehend the dose of a single unit you take in and not use assumptions based on how they look and also be wary of the edible product as they vary.

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