Honeybird Quartz Tip Travel Kit nectar collector review

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Honeybird Quartz Tip Travel Kit




Build Materials




Ease of cleaning






Overall Value



  • Super Compact dabbing
  • Water cooled vapor
  • Pure quartz flavor
  • Spillproof
  • Comes with a case!


  • Tiny water fill hole

Honeybird Quartz Tip Travel Kit nectar collector review

 Nectar Collectors

 Nectar collectors are a great way to get a larger dose of THC in a single session. Unlike their larger dab rig counterparts, they are much more portable, some more than others. The Honeybird Quartz Tip Travel Kit from Smoke Cartel is an awesome little portable collector with a built-in Domed Showerhead Perc that provides smooth cool vapor on the go!

The Honeybird comes complete with a storage case for the Honeybird itself, a leather sheath to protect your quartz tip, and a small glass parabolic dish with lid for storing your concentrates that you can just dip right into. Also included is a small plastic squeeze bottle that you can use to fill the Honeybird with water. Filling the Honeybird without that bottle is a bit challenging, but doable.

Small and Discrete

The Honeybird mini nectar collector itself is only about 3 inches tall with a metal 510 thread connector on one end for attaching the quartz tip. The mouthpiece end features a spill proof design and the globe has a flattened side to prevent it from rolling away.

Attaching the included quartz tip makes the Honeybird about 5 inches long in total. A ceramic tip is also available that will screw right in as well. The small size means you can almost completely put this in the palm of your hand (although I highly don’t recommend doing that when its hot)

The quartz tip comes with its own tiny leather holster to prevent damage during transit. The entire unit fits into its own plastic waterproof/smellproof case for easy transport and storage. Although the leather sheath does a great job with the quartz tip, I would not really trust dropping the case too hard as it’s not padded. So far it has survived quite a few bumps and bruises and everything has come out unscathed..

The Results

The bulb of the collector doesn’t hold much water, and I was worried that the hits would be hot and harsh due to the short and seemingly hardly-cooled vapor path. I heated the Honeybird’s quartz tip with my ErrlyBird Torch Art, dabbed it into my dish of Lemon Haze live resin and my taste buds were assaulted with the most amazing lemony explosion!

The vapor was so cool, my initial thought was that I had not heated the tip enough, but as I watched the concentrate quickly vanish from the dish I realized it was working just fine! The thick exhale plume was also filled with that pure lemony goodness you only get from low temp quartz dabs. This little guy took me completely by surprise!

Bottom Line

If you are into concentrates and need a portable discrete option for dabbing, this is exactly what you are looking for! 5 inches of water-cooled, pure nectar collector power with interchangeable tips to better suit your dabbing pleasure. Throw the included case in your bag or hang it around your neck with the included lanyard and hit the road loaded! The Honeybird Quartz Tip Travel Kit is one of the best portable dabbing options available today!



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