What are Moon Rocks, and How are they consumed?

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Moon rocks are the marijuana strain that is not exactly a marijuana strain type.

Pretty confusing, right?

If we talk technically, moon rocks are not the cannabis strains but more of a marijuana experiment.

Yes, these are basically the popular marijuana strain “Girl Scout Cookies” nuggets, dipped in hash oil and sprinkled with kief.

Before moving forward, lemme ask a question, have you ever had an ice cream dipped in chocolate and then covered with sprinkles?

Obviously, you must have had ice cream that way.

If yes, you probably know what exactly the moon rocks are all about.

And if you combine this moon rocks consumption with an ice cream cone, you will certainly get a delightful experience.

Read on the blog till the end to get a complete piece of information about the moon rock!

What is Moon Rock?

Moon rock is a potent cannabis form generated when a flower bud is covered or dipped in the cannabis concentrates and then rolled in a kief.

Kief is basically a powder-like substance that is made up of dried trichomes that fell from a dried marijuana flower.

When it is about the cannabis effects, moon rocks create an extremely powerful psychoactive experience.

And if you are completely new to cannabis, this is not a perfect fit for you!

What is Moon rock made of?

Moon rocks can be made up of any type of flower.

However, the most common strain used for creating moon rocks is “Girl Scout Cookies.”

Recently the moon rocks products have made their way in expanding to some new avenues.

For example, several marijuana companies have crafted moon rocks that are high in CBD content while THC-free.

However, this is just one such example; probably, the strain you are holding right now might have higher THC.

For that, you must have complete information about the strain you have opted for.

Also, just like any other strain, there are some potential advantages and disadvantages of choosing the moon rock.

Do not forget to stay aware of it all to have controlled and beneficial effects.

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Pros of choosing moon rocks

  • Buying pre-made moon rocks can be cost-effective rather than buying all the ingredients and then generating the strain yourself.
  • If you are looking for a potent strain, you can easily do experiments with the strain’s potency. You can make it as powerful as you want.
  • These are great for medical patients seeking higher THC doses.
  • These are fun novelties and great conversation starters.

Cons of Moon Rock

  • Since the moon rock is potent, consumers may feel an overpowering experience.
  • Limited consumption methods are available for moon rocks consumption.

How strong are the moon rocks?

Well, this generally varies from batch to batch.

The potency completely depends on three factors. This includes:

  • How it is made
  • Ingredients utilized in its formation
  • And who is making it

How do you make the moon rock?

Making moon rocks isn’t very complicated.

But to begin with its making, all you need is to have the below mentioned cannabis supplies:

  • Your favorite cannabis flower, bud, or strain.
  • Any concentrate or hash oil
  • Scrap some kief
  • Small tongs to grab the bud
  • A liquid dropper

Start making the moon rock of your choice.

  1. Get the bud

Begin with the bud. However, it is essential to note that the denser the bud, the better it can help hold the moon rock together.

  1. Time for some concentrate or hash oil addition
  • Gently heat the concentrate until it is liquidy enough to utilize the dropper.
  • Fill in the dropper with a concentrator
  • Completely cover the bud’s exteriors
  1. Roll it

And here comes the final step.

  • Take the bud
  • Gently roll it forth and back in the kief until the bud is completely covered in kief.
  • Let it dry somewhere
  • Warm and then dry it
  • When it is perfectly dried, it is ready to smoke.

How are moon rocks consumed?

These are often consumed by smoking or vaping like you usually do with any other nug.

Break it up in a bowl, joint, pipe, or vape, lit, and consume.

But keeping it lit is not easy.

Since it is greasy and dense, glassware like a pipe or bong can be the preferred way of consumption.

How to smoke moon rocks?

  • Use glassware
  • Throw it on the top of a flower

Effects of Moon Rock

The moon rocks are pretty potent. And people who have consumed the moon rock describe its consumption as fragrant smoke clouds with a pleasant and rich taste of kief.

Some common effects of moon rock include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Impaired memory
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Dry red eyes
  • Cough
  • Extreme hunger

How long does moon rock take to kick in?

Moon rocks produce a slow burn with immediate effects that kick the strain into high gear in just around 30 minutes.

And you can expect the buzz to linger for several hours.

Are there any risks involved with moon rock consumption?

Yes, there are a few risks involved, and to stay away from getting into trouble with those risks, it is highly essential to choose the exact percentage of the included contents.

Get it diagnosed by the medical marijuana doctor and get a beneficial strain rather than posing some risks.

Safety Tips associated with moon rock consumption!

Moon rocks are strong and potent. And if you prefer to consume it, it is essential to consider a few essential safety concerns.

  • Eat

Do not forget to eat before its consumption. It will lessen the high THC effects and also prevents nausea.

  • Go slow

Begin with a slow dosage consumption.

Since moon rock is already a potent one, try to wait at least several minutes between each inhale.

  • Hydrate

Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated before, during, and after smoking.

  • Consider the surroundings

Choose a safer place where you can sit and chill, devoid of any responsibilities.

Bottom Line!

Moon Rock is definitely a potent strain. And can be really strong on even the regular or seasoned cannabis users.

So one thing you definitely need to take care of before proceeding with it is to consume it with caution.

And if you are living in a state where cannabis is decriminalized, prefer talking to a doctor and get more information about it for safe consumption.

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