How To Get The Most From Disposable Vapes

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The popularity of disposable vapes is unstoppable. This is because of the convenience they offer and how they cause non-users to give vaping another look. There’s no need to worry about batteries, juices, and wicks with disposables. Once the charge or the juice is empty, vapers can just dispose of the device and use a new one.

With the e-cigarette market size having a value of USD$18.13 billion last year, no one can deny that these devices won’t go anywhere soon. It’s even expected to grow by 30% more this decade. (1)

However, in spite of the popularity, people feel that some disposable units are lacking. It seems that they’re not getting their money’s worth. It doesn’t help that the government is planning to impose higher taxes on vape products, which many frown upon as it can lead to problematic results like people switching back to tobacco. As a matter of fact, research found that with the recent 10% increase in e-cigarette prices, cigarette sales rose by 11%. (2)

There are lingering thoughts that if there’s a way to get the most out of disposable vapes, users are certainly willing to learn and do it. After all, many people believe that vapes are better than cigarettes. In the UK, more than 50,000 people have successfully quit smoking through the help of vaping. (3)

Fortunately, there are some small things they can do to make the most out of their disposables to combat the surging prices of vape devices. Here they are. 

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POD or ultra-portable systems vape is the newest Electronic cigarette technology.POD vape isolated over white background

Don’t forget to read the manual

You may have tried multiple disposable vapes before, so you’re trying to find out how you can get the most out of them. The first step is to consult the manual of the disposable vapes you’re using. Note that some disposables may not come with a manual, so it’s best that you trust reputable brands or makes, like HQD disposables, to ensure you’ll receive a manual you can consult.

Through the manual, you’ll know more about the vape you’re using, like prolonging the limited battery charge, ensuring you’re vaporizing all the juice inside the unit, and things you should avoid to ensure you’ll have a good experience with your disposable.

Choose one with the highest nicotine content

Some people who want to get the most out of the benefits of disposable vapes tend to get ones that contain the highest nicotine content. After all, having higher nicotine strengths can make you control the number of times you puff as it’s challenging to chain vape high nicotine juices.

Also, the throat-hit high-nicotine juices are too harsh, especially for new vapers or people who didn’t smoke cigarettes before. Because it can be discouraging to puff multiple times, you can save your device’s charge and juice content. Aside from that, just one puff from a high nicotine juice can easily satiate a person’s nicotine craving faster and longer. 

Of course, the above depends on a person’s preference and tolerance toward nicotine. However, if you want to make the most out of your disposable vape for whatever reason, this is an excellent tip to go by.

Adjust your vaping style

If you’re a chain vaper, you should rethink why you want to use disposable vapes in the first place. The truth is that disposable vapes are primarily for casual and ‘vape and chill’ users. One device won’t be able to satisfy you, and it’ll be more economical for you to stick with box mods with a lot of spare batteries.

On the other hand, if you’re a cloud chaser, expect that disposable vapes aren’t meant for you. This kind of vape has a lot of limitations, which may prevent you from creating huge clouds. One, it operates in low wattage. Two, most of the juices used in disposables are unsuited to cloud chasing. These devices have poor airflow and don’t have adjustable airholes, restricting you to a fixed amount of air per puff. Of course, you can still make a few clouds, but it’ll massively use up the batteries.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use disposables. If you want to make the most out of one, you should adjust how you vape. The key here is to be mindful of your vaping habits and better control your cravings. You should pace yourself when using disposables.

Get reviews from your friends

Finally, remember that not all disposable vapes are created equal. Even if the one you have is the current leading brand, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be worth every penny you spend on it. Remember that sometimes, it’s not you who should adjust to prolong the use of your disposable vape. There’s a chance that the vape itself can’t satisfy your needs.

Ask your friends to find the best one for you that will let you vape longer and reap all the benefits of vaping. If you don’t have friends who vape, you can consult vape review websites.


Those are the ways you can make the most of your disposable vape. Doing them may let you have a couple more puffs or hours of operation. If you can’t squeeze out more hits from your disposables, it’s the best time to reconsider the make and model of the ones you use.


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