The Best Way to Store HHC Gummies

HHC gummies are among the most popular products within the ‘minor cannabinoid’ niche at present. The cannabinoid hexahydrocannabinol provides a high that is slightly stronger than delta-8 but less potent than delta-9. For many users, it is a nice middle ground as they experience a noticeable yet pleasant level of intoxication.

However, please note that while your Premium HHC gummies have a shelf life of up to two years, this is only the case when they are stored properly. Without adequate storage, the HHC in the gummies could degrade rapidly. Eventually, your product will contain so little of the cannabinoid that you barely notice anything.

Fortunately, storing your HHC gummies is easy. Here are a few handy tips to prolong the life of your product.

1 – Remember that Light is Not Your Friend

When manufacturers of products say to store them in a “cool dark place,” they provide extremely important advice. If you leave your HHC gummies exposed to light, you can expect the cannabinoid to degrade over time. Therefore, please don’t leave the container on a windowsill or somewhere in the kitchen where light shines on it.

A drawer or a space in a cupboard are ideal spots. Your HHC gummies avoid exposure to direct light and are stored at room temperature, which is fine. Never store your gummies in the fridge! Doing so will mess up their texture.

2 – Keep Moisture at Bay

You’ll notice that manufacturers place their HHC gummies in airtight containers. There is no need to take them out! If, for some reason, you want to store the gummies outside of the container, place them in a resealable bag or an airtight container. If HHC gummies are exposed to oxygen, they will degrade. Hopefully, you’re starting to notice a theme!

3 – Keep Your HHC Gummies in the House

This seems like an incredibly obvious statement. However, you’ll be amazed how many people ‘accidentally’ leave their HHC gummies in the car overnight. First, you shouldn’t use HHC if you intend to drive because of the intoxicating effects. Apart from the risk of arrest, there is also a heightened chance of you driving erratically and causing an accident.

Secondly, you have no control over the climate outside. If the night is extremely cold, for example, and you leave your HHC gummies in the car, the texture will be affected. If you leave them in your vehicle during a hot day, you could completely ruin the product.

4 – Avoid the Temptation to Buy Large Amounts

This tip mainly relates to casual users of HHC gummies. If you only plan to use one or two HHC gummies a week, purchasing hundreds of them isn’t the best idea! In general, a six-month supply should be enough for anyone. You would only need about 50 HHC gummies at two per week to last half a year.

Most HHC gummies sellers offer 20-count or 25-count bottles. Therefore, two or three containers at a time is typically sufficient. Of course, if you use one a day, a six-month supply requires you to buy anywhere from seven to nine containers, depending on their size. If you buy in bulk, you must adhere to the above storage tips!

How Do I Know My HHC Gummies Have Gone Bad?

Take note of the gummies’ color, texture, and aroma when you first use them. If they have started to degrade, the color may fade, and the aroma becomes less noticeable, or the HHC gummies may emit a strange odor. There will also be a difference in texture and taste, making the product seem less palatable.

The most obvious sign of degradation is that the high is significantly less potent than it once was. Indeed, if the HHC gummies are old enough, you may barely feel a buzz. At this point, it is best to throw them out and buy new ones.

Final Thoughts on Correct Storage of HHC Gummies

In simple terms, ensure your HHC gummies are stored at room temperature away from direct light. Keep them in their original container and only transfer them if you have another airtight bottle or resealable bag handy. If you bring your gummies outside, make sure you return them to their original storage space in the house.

Proper storage of HHC gummies could retain their potency, taste, and texture for up to two years. 

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