What Dosage Should You Use with Delta-8 Products?

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As delta-8 products have become extremely popular in a short period, there is still plenty of misinformation surrounding the cannabinoid. For instance, not many people know that a federal court ruling in May 2022 ensured that D8 is a federally legal substance in the United States. On this point, a high percentage of people are unaware that several states have prohibited the substance despite this ruling.

Another big issue revolves around dosing guidelines. When people buy delta-8 online, they generally have no idea how much to consume at first. Common sense dictates that a ‘low and slow’ approach is best. Take a relatively small amount and see how it affects you. If you’re satisfied with the high, stick to that dosage. If you want to experience a better buzz, gradually increase the dose until you get the effects you seek.

Of course, the above is extremely generic advice and doesn’t provide much information on ‘how much’ delta-8 to use. In this article, we look into dosing recommendations in greater detail.

Delta-8 Products: How Much to Take?

First and foremost, you should note that delta-8 is approximately half as potent as delta-9. If you’re an experienced D9 user, you can use this information to determine a suitable dose quickly. If you know that 10mg of delta-9 gives you a decent buzz, you may require 20mg of delta-8 to get a similar effect. However, it isn’t quite as simple as that, and trying 10-15mg at first is the more sensible play.

Generally, factors such as your THC tolerance, body weight, and metabolism all influence how delta-8 products affect you.

A broad guideline for someone weighing 160 pounds is to consume 10mg of delta-8 for mild effects and 30mg for potent effects. The heavier you are, the more D8 you’re likely to need. For instance, a 240-pound person may need 15mg for mild and 50mg for strong effects. A 100-pound individual may only need 5mg for a moderate buzz and 15mg for a strong one.

It is also true that your effects can, and possibly will, vary according to the delta-8 products you use.

Delta-8 Dosing Guidance by Product

The bioavailability of the D8 you consume is dictated by the consumption method. Delta-8 products are metabolized differently in the body, with some having a more noticeable effect than others. Consequently, 5mg via an edible will likely have a different effect than 5mg via a vaporizer or tincture.

·         Oils/Tinctures: Most people consume D8 sublingually when they buy an oil or tincture. By placing a few drops beneath your tongue, you’re absorbing the compound through the mouth’s mucous membrane. Most sellers include 25-50mg of delta-8 per ml. Therefore, if 10mg is your preferred starting dose and the oil has 25mg of D8 per ml, you would need 0.4 ml of liquid. You might start to feel the effects in 15-20 minutes.

·         Vape Liquids: These liquids are significantly more concentrated than standard tinctures. Indeed, you may find up to 900mg of delta-8 per ml. Sellers often provide an estimate of how much D8 there is per puff. For instance, if you get approximately 2mg per hit, you would need five hits to get 10mg. The effects become noticeable almost immediately.

·         Gummies & Capsules: Delta-8 products, such as capsules and gummies, are designed for oral consumption. They are by far the easiest option for dosing purposes. Assuming the associated third-party lab reports are accurate, you should know the exact dose per unit. For instance, Premium Jane’s delta-8 gummies contain 25mg of the compound apiece. If you’re trying D8 for the first time, consuming half a gummy, or 12.5mg, is a sensible option. Please note that it can take 30 to 120 minutes to feel the effects.

What’s the Right Dosage When Using Delta-8 Products?

In reality, there is no universal ‘right’ dosage when trying delta-8 products. There are a host of factors to consider, including your bodyweight, general THC tolerance, level of prior THC usage, and product type.

As delta-8 products are relatively new to the marketplace, sensible experimentation is advisable as there is no rush! Consume a small amount at first to see how it impacts you. Increase or decrease the dosage as necessary until you find a D8 amount that gives you the pleasant, intoxicating high you desire. 

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