How To Get the Most Out Of Your Delta-8 Experience

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If you have decided to try a Delta-8 product that has a CBD and THC component, there is a right and wrong way of trying it. Delta-8 is the name of a compound that falls roughly between the CBD and THC varieties. 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is a cannabis derived compound that is free from psychoactive properties. THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol and it is the psychoactive counterpart of CBD. With Delta-8, the patient or user can find a middle ground between the two derivations although the product is still quite psychoactive. Here is how you can make use of Delta-8 in the best way. 

Consider The Manufacturer

As with any product, the circumstances of the product’s manufacturing greatly impact the end quality. If you are purchasing a Delta-8 product that hasn’t been adequately tested or standardized for production and has been manufactured by an unknown company or one that isn’t reputable, you can expect discrepancies in its safety and benefits. Always buy from a well-known manufacturer that is able to provide details (either online or on the packaging) about how they have sourced, purified and extracted the Delta-8 for maximum quality. 

It is worthwhile to note that Delta-8 is found in extremely small quantities and traces in most hemp or cannabis plants. It can cost more than regular CBD products due to its lack of availability. Some companies may simply employ the easier route and summarily extract Delta-8 from ready-made CBD compounds. This results in lower effectiveness and quality which the consumer will feel once they start consuming the product. 

Home Grown

Cannabis and hemp are naturally occurring plants but the extraction of Delta-8 still varies considerably based on location, terrain, predominant temperature etc. When purchasing Delta-8 for personal use, try to find out as much as possible about where and how the source plant was grown. Delta-8 can generally be made from marijuana plants as well as hemp plants. For optimal safety consider a concentration that is lower than 0.3% since it is both legal and safe. 

Company Policy 

Each company that sells Delta-8 has a specific policy regarding sourcing, selling and even liability etc. Find out as much as you can from the company’s online presence about their policy regarding manufacturing and selling. A company that sells CBD or delta 8 thc products should ideally be well-informed on all the aspects of consumption and have a blog or other means of imparting that knowledge so consumers can use the product safely. Furthermore, excellent customer service is always a bonus because with products like Delta-8, there is likely to be a lot of confusion about the correct way to use it. 

Don’t Discount Online Ratings 

Online reviews and customer testimonials are a real, unfiltered indicator of a company’s values, product quality and service. Check reputable platforms and triangulate information from a variety of sources so that you can choose the best manufacturer for you. It is important for a customer to be wary of digital marketing however, as those tactics are tailored to elicit a certain response and are not purely indicative of Delta-8 quality. 

Lab Reports 

Many Delta-8 products undergo semi-clinical trials as well as lab testing to ascertain effectiveness. The presence and availability of lab reports are a great indicator that you are buying from a vendor or manufacturer that takes the product seriously. Look out for third party neutral lab reports in order to get the most accurate picture. The transparency of the brand in sharing the lab reports and their results can be useful in helping the consumer choose the product. 

Navigating Value For Money 

Since Delta-8 is a newer variant of cannabis-related products with not nearly enough research on the full scale of its benefits and effects, it can be hard to get value for money or decide the difference between what is available in the market or online. The ideal situation for a potential consumer of Delta-8 is finding a product with exceptional quality and a reasonable price but this is usually a challenge since the sale of Delta-8 is not subject to too many quality checks. 

One of the main points to bear in mind is that Delta-8 is usually very expensive due to its rarity and the expense of its extraction so online retailers that are selling it for low prices should be avoided. As with most natural products, you ‘get what you pay for.’ 

How To Consume Delta-8 

Delta-8 comes in many different forms such as vape pens, gummies, tinctures, edible snacks, capsules, smokes, and even topical products and the kind you choose depends entirely on lifestyle and preference. Most people find vape pens to be a good substitute for smoking and probably less harmful and those are one of the more popular ways of consuming Delta-8. Gummies are excellent for practical reasons as they can be consumed on the go or stored inside a bag or backpack. They can also be taken alongside your other supplements. 

For people who cannot swallow pills or capsules easily, gummies might be a lifesaver. Capsules offer a potent dose that a user can build upon but the gut takes time to absorb the effects whereas tinctures are more bioavailable. Tinctures are typically placed under the tongue and given 10 to 20 seconds to absorb directly into the bloodstream. For casual Delta-8 usage, certain snacks are a good option although the danger of potential overdose always lingers. 

Choose Your Timings 

For sufferers of severe depression or chronic pain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis it can be challenging to balance the dose and frequency of injections or applications. With products containing Delta-8 it can be easy to overdose and also hard to measure the exact percentage you are using since packaging often refers to general doses not per serving doses. Pick a time during the day to use your Delta-8 product and minimize reuse to prevent overdose. Picking fixed timings means you can enjoy more of the benefits as compared to taking sporadic doses. 

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