The Super Shaka Brass Pipe – Protopipe 2.0 review

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Super Shaka Brass Pipe










Ease of use




Overall Value



  • Solidly crafted
  • Easy to use
  • Ample Storage
  • Absolutely gorgeous
  • Smokes Great!


  • I would like to see a cleaning tool built in somehow
  • can get warm if used for extended periods

The Super Shaka Protopipe 2.0 review

“The Super Shaka pipe was a pleasure to review. Machined from solid brass, the Super Shaka pipe is built to last forever. It provides extra storage space for your herb and hits smooth as silk. The Super Shaka brass pipe is a great investment!”

Return of the Protopipe

Back in the 80’s a friend of mine gave me a little brass pipe with a matching leather case. The little brass wonder was amazing – until I had to clean it. Disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling proved to be a sanity-testing ritual that required a few tools and a bucket of patience.

The problem was I really loved the pipe, so I was forced into this devilish process quite often. I cannot count the times I screamed from frustration during these trying times. Eventually it took its toll and I moved on from my beloved Proto pipe.

super shaka protopipe

The Super Shaka

Recently while browsing the internet I happened upon an image of the familiar, yet slightly different brass sculpture. Something new? I was intrigued and started searching deeper. Soon I discovered that this picture was a new and improved version of the Protopipe called the Super Shaka Brass Pipe from Punchbowl Pipes Hawai’i.

I got my hands on one, so lets review the Super Shaka brass pipe!

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The Super Shaka Pipe is a CNC machined work of art that revives the original Proto pipe with a laundry list of substantial improvements. It features easy-open top and bottom covers that are now held in place with a flush-fitting hex screw. These screws are easily loosened or removed with the combination hex-tool/poker that mounts securely in the tool holder slot.

The Super Shaka features a 2.6” long stash tube made from a Starline brass rifle case for extra stash storage. The case is machined to cleverly lock onto the head bowl without any chance of falling out. Simply push in and twist to lock or unlock access to your stash.

super shaka protopipe


The Shaka pipe is easy to load, just slide the top lid over (which has the Shaka logo engraved on it), load with your desired herb and light up! Can’t finish in one hit? No worries, just slide the cap back over until you are ready again.

The pipe hits really smooth for its size, the vapor seems cooler than with a glass pipe of similar size. The Shaka works best with a slow steady pull on the draw stem. This will keep any errant ash that doesn’t get stuck in the trap from reaching your throat.

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This is where the Super Shaka really shines. Everything comes apart easily with the included hex tool making cleaning a breeze. Punchbowl Pipes also carries a cleaning/tamping tool for a trivial amount that really makes the cleanup faster. If you don’t have this handy tool, long wooden cotton swabs are the best.

super shaka protopipe

The Verdict

The Super Shaka Brass Pipe is truly the Swiss Army Knife of Hand Pipes. It’s machined from solid brass and built to last a lifetime. The Super Shaka Protopipe 2.0 comes with a custom drawstring canvas pouch which can also fit a small Bic lighter.

I have been waiting for this pipe to get back in my hands in this form for a long time, and it was definitely worth the wait. The Super Shaka is the worthiest successor – it’s the pipe that all other Proto pipe wannabes must now pay homage to. I think this one will stay on top as the undisputed champ for many years to come.

Machined and assembled in Oahu, Hawai’i. Shipped from Honolulu with Aloha (via US postal service, 3-5 days to any US address). Check out Punchbowl Pipes Hawai’i to see the Super Shaka and the other fine brass pipes they manufacture.

Own one and you’ll understand….

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“Here is a complete list of improvements to the original Protopipe:

  1. Bottom tar trap cover no longer needs to be tapped out, a major issue with the original Proto pipe where the poker will get bent. Shaka Pipe uses a countersunk screw to secure the trap door and can be easily opened with the provided hex wrench poker;
  2. Tar trap is much bigger, means less cleaning work. On the original Protopipe, you’ll need to clean it every couple of days, which leads to more chances of bending the precious poker;
  3. Stash tube locks independently with a hidden retainer clip. Even you lose your poker the stash won’t fall out. So many Protopipes are in limbo because of a bent or lost poker. A replacement poker for Shaka Pipe costs only $6.
  4. Stash tube is made out of long rifle case, more stylish and bigger storage…BIGGER STORAGE!
  5. Poker is now a hex wrench. It can be used to adjust cover screws. On the original Proto pipe, you’d need to find a hex key to adjust the swinging top lid. Many Proto pipe users kept a little tool box next to their beloved Proto. Now the hex key is part of the Shaka Pipe.
  6. Poker wrench end is right angled, which makes it easier to pull out with just fingers. Proto poker is straight. Often times you need to use pliers to pull it out. A Leatherman tool would come in handy in keeping up with the Protopipe.
  7. Top cover screw is now flat head screws. Make the whole top cover flush.
  8. Top cover is locked in with a stopper. Original proto pipe cover will swing left and right. (See the toolbox comments above.)
  9. Top cover has a perfect rotating friction, thanks to the wave washer underneath. You don’t need to adjust the lid screw for the entire lifespan of your pipe.
  10. A stem cleaner tool was created to push out the tar, the Protopipe uses its poker and it’s never long enough, which will take a needle nose plier to pull it out. (See the Leatherman tool comments above.)
  11. The Shaka Pipe comes with a durable canvas pouch with hand illustrated graphics. Optional EVA hard shell pocket case and pipe wallet are also available. This is how I started making Shaka Pipe. I was making leather cases for the Protopipe and wished it had come with one. I also wished it had a flat head screw so it’s easier to slide in and out. (See the countersunk screw use above.) It was a very popular gifts among my Protopipe owning friends, until one day the original Protopipe ceased production. Unhappy with the cheap knockoffs and unable to find something comparable, I fired up my Tormach 1100 CNC mill and went to work…”

–Punchbowl Pipes

Buy the Super Shaka right now!!

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