The Very Happy Dab Kit

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The Very Happy Dab Kit


Nectar Collector Quality


Case Quality


Quality of Accessories


Ease of Use







  • Nicely made glass with a tree perc
  • Mostly Smell Proof Case
  • Packs everything you need
  • Keeps your glass safe
  • Super Portable!


  • Lids on the silicone jars do not stay on well.
  • No carrying strap on the case
  • Torch could use an upgrade

Over the years, I have taken a liking to nectar collectors. They are fun, easy ways to dab on the go or while relaxing at home. As most of the concentrates in my area come in small glass jars, they are already the perfect vessel to use with your portable dab tool.

Using a nectar collector requires a torch in order to heat the tip hot enough to vaporize the concentrate. This fact requires that you now have to carry multiple items in order to actually dab on the go. Carrying all this can be a pretty inconvenient chore.

Enter The Very Happy Dab Kit

Thankfully, this has been solved by a forward-thinking company called HappyKit. They have put together everything you need all in one slick, smell-proof, and break-proof case so you’re always ready to have a good time, welcome to happiness in a kit!

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What’s in the Happy Dab Kit?

The Very Happy Dab Kit is the flagship product on the dabbing side of the house. It contains everything that you need for your dab session, no matter where you are. The slim, discrete smell-proof case measures in at about 8” x 5” and keeps everything inside comfortable and safe.

Inside the case, there is a nicely made glass collector with a built-in tree percolator. The perc helps keep the heat down on the vapor so you don’t destroy your throat. The tip is a 10mm titanium nail that stays in securely via the included plastic clip.

There is an approximately 3-inch glass mouthpiece extension as well. Personally, I rarely use this feature but lots of people love it. It is also a 10mm piece and comes with is own matching clip. 2 – 5ml silicone containers are included to store your goodies on the road. Also included in this deluxe set are a silicone dab mat and a dab tool.

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The second most important piece of the kit is the torch. Without a good torch you may not get the nail hot enough. My kit came with a twin flame butane torch approximately the same size as a zippo lighter. It even has the flip top. This torch was able to heat the nail in under 20 seconds.

My torch seemed to occasionally have an issue restarting after it was just used; It appears to stop working if it gets too hot. If you plan on doing multiple hits, you may want to invest in a slightly more robust torch.

The Very Happy Dab Kit comes in both Green and Black to match your style. The kit also says it comes with 1 x Dose of extra happiness. After a few hits, I think I found mine in the bottom of the box.

How well does it work?

The most important thing when purchasing a nectar collector is to make sure its not too small, especially if you are a beginner. Smaller devices tend to suck in wax more readily, especially for those who hit it too hard. Let me say this; You will never, ever forget what it feels like to suck hot wax into your mouth.

An inline water percolator is also a great feature. Besides cooling the vapor, it also blocks any errant wax that gets sucked up into the chamber, keeping it out of your mouth. Having a good perc typically will make your collector a bit bigger, but it is well worth it.

The collector included in the Very Happy Dab Kit is top notch. It holds a decent amount of water and does an excellent job at taming the harshness of your hit. The airflow is excellent, you will have no problems taking monster rips off this one. This is certainly one of the best nectar collectors available.

The kit comes with a little 3” x 5” silicone dab mat and the obligatory dab tool. I haven’t had a need for the mat yet, but it’s nice to know I have one at all times in the event that I do. The 2 silicone storage pucks can both hold a few grams if packed in tight. Should last you through the night…

Medible review thehappydabkit

The All-important Case for the Case

The unspoken hero of this ensemble is the case. It is sleek, has great zippers, and is mostly smell proof. By mostly, I mean that you pretty much have to put it up to your nose to really smell it. Toss this in your purse or backpack and no one would be the wiser.

It also does a fantastic job of protecting the contents from accidental drops. I dropped this down 3 concrete steps literally within 5 minutes of opening the package and everything inside was perfectly fine. (I still wouldn’t recommend doing this on purpose, Murphy’s Law and all.)

The Downside

The Very Happy Dab Kit is excellent, but there are a few minor annoyances for me. None of these would ever keep me from buying it though. My main thing is that I wish the case had a handle or wrist strap of some kind. It can be kind of slippery at times, and this would be helpful.

The only thing I can fault inside the case itself is the silicone jars. The lids on these do not stay on as well as I would like to see. You can always swap them with nicer ones if you want though, super easy. As long as they are securely strapped in the case, this is not an issue. Whatever you do, don’t put one of these away loose unless you wish to scatter the contents.

The Verdict

As I said earlier, none of the downsides are a big deal for me at all. I find the Very Happy Dab Kit to be a well thought out and designed piece of kit that any dabber should be happy to have in their arsenal. In fact, these would make sweet gifts for the stoner in your life. If they don’t dab, check out the original Happy Kit!

At the time of this writing, these kits are selling for $70 with free shipping. This is an excellent kit for the price, I have seen decent nectar collectors alone fetch that sum. The case alone is easily worth half the cost of admission.

Overall, I highly recommend this kit for yourself or anyone in your life who loves dabbing. The Very Happy Db Kit is probably one of the best deals out there. Get yourself one before they are gone!

On a side note

The Happy Kit team believes in a future where young people are taught valuable skills to navigate difficult times and have the support that they need to make it through. For this reason, they have partnered with UMATTER to support mental health efforts that affect children and teens. When you make a purchase with them, they will donate 10% of profits to UMATTER to help them provide valuable services for teens in need.

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