Top 12 Stoner Holiday Gift Guide for 2021

What do you get for the discerning stoner that has everything? Here are a few things that may be interesting gifts for that hard to please person in your life. (Or you, for that matter!)

These are some of our favorite Stoner accessories for 2021 and every one of them would make an excellent gift for the Holidays!

Medible review Levoscreen

Levo II Oil Infuser

If you like to make edibles, the LEVO II is the most important kitchen appliance you can have. If you like infusing oils for cooking or making essential oils, the LEVO II is the most important kitchen appliance you can have. The possibilities for this machine are almost endless.

The unit is very easy to use and produces outstanding results. For those on the fence, the LEVO II also comes with a 3 year warranty and an unheard of 100 day free trial so you have nothing to lose!

Medible review Rosineer PRESSO Red

Rosineer PRESSO Personal Rosin Extractor

Rosineer PRESSO rosin extraction press makes it easier than ever to press rosin at the comfort of your home. Just set up your temperature and time on the digital control panel, load your herbs, and press away! This stylish appliance in a variety of colors features 2″ x 3″ solid aluminum insulated plates with two quickly heating elements, convenient lever mechanism, and removable dust cover. The press machine comes with a user’s guide, AC power cord, and a free starter kit that contains a non-stick silicone mat, 3 ml lidded jar, two collection tools, a pack of parchment paper sheets, and four magnets.

Medible review Spider Farmer SE3000 LED grow lightjpg 12

Spider Farmer SE3000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Looking for a gift for the favorite grower in your life? Give the gift of light! The Spider Farmer SE3000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light features legit Samsung Diodes to make sure that their plants receive all the illumination that they need.

The uniquely designed 4-LED bars provide more even canopy coverage, especially to the outer edges of cultivation areas. With 896pcs SAMSUNG LM301 diodes, SE3000 Led grow lights draw 300 watts with 822.82umol/s, achieving an impressive PPE of 2.75 umol/J coverage for 3’x3′ of high-yielding full-cycle growth. You will be their new favorite person!

Medible review tCheck white

tCheck 2 Home Cannabis Potency Tester

tCheck potency tester is the fast and inexpensive way to measure the strength of your infusions to guarantee consistency and satisfaction. If you are an edible maker wanting consistency between batches, tCheck is a convenient and reliable way to test potency. With just a few drops of clarified butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or alcohol, tCheck provides accurate results in less than 60 seconds. 

Medible review mars hydro tsl 2000 set 1

MARS HYDRO Complete Grow Tent Kit 

Is your New Year’s resolution to finally grow your own medicine? The best place to start is with a MARS HYDRO Complete Grow Tent Kit!

If you are a new grower looking to get your first setup rolling, the MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kits are definitely worth the money. These professional grow kits come with everything you will need to get your first grow up and running with a bang!

Head over to MARS HYDRO’s website today and see which size grow kit is right for your space. I guarantee that you will end up with the perfect grow environment no matter which size you choose!

Medible review BOVEDA cannabis hydration pack

Boveda Humidity Control Packets

Boveda, the original terpene shield, is precise humidity control for cannabis, which restores and maintains humidity to create a protective monolayer of water molecules over trichomes, so you can save the terps. Terpenes, the precious smell you love, are kept safe until ready for use. Simply place Boveda in a container with herbal medicine and close the lid. It’s that easy. Boveda’s patented formula uses all natural salts and water to ensure the exact Relative Humidity (RH) herbal medicine needs to maintain freshness.

Medible review Kannastor GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder 3

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Modular Grinder

No other grinder is this versatile. The GR8TR Jar Body Grinder has it all, including both Vape and Standard Easy Change Grinder plates, a 60 Mesh Stainless steel Easy Change Screen, top lid bonus storage, and all the modularity that one could ever hope for.

Build It Your Way! The GR8TR is modular by design. When it comes to assembling and configuring your GR8TR, the choice is yours. Not interested in sifting? Remove the sifting chamber to create a perfect 3pc GR8TR. Otherwise, convert your grinder into a storage sifter and get the most out of your herbs. You can also break it into a slim pocketable Storage Puck. Grind and Go with the GR8TR by Kannastör.

Medible review evergreen storage pods

Evergreen Storage Solutions Storage Jars + Humidity Control

The Evergreen Pod uses patented technology to keep your flower at the ideal humidity level – never too dry, never too dank.

Recharges with regular drinking water for up to five years.

Use with any jar, or with the Evergreen Storage Solution, which protects against light, air, and impact.

Medible review custom rolling tray scaled

Custom Mini LED Rolling Tray

If you want to create your own custom logo on a mini LED glow rolling tray, this is the product for that. It’s perfect to light your design up in a dark room or at night and watch it glow as you roll up. These are smaller LED trays, measuring at 9.5″ x 5.5″.

You get to pick 8 colors for your tray ranging between green, white, purple, red, blue, pink. black and white. They come with 7 different colors that the LED changes through. 

Medible review Ancient Creations bong short

Ancient Creations Hand Formed Ceramic Bong

If you smoke cannabis, you need one of these. (If you don’t smoke cannabis, give this as a gift to your smoker friends!) This is the perfect pipe for your solo sessions, hands down. It hits smooth as smooth can be, allowing tons of flavor to hit your tongue without being harsh on the lungs.

The Ancient Creations ceramic pipe is as beautiful as it is functional. You can definitely see it was hand made with love and attention; It definitely does not look like a cheap piece of China glass.

If you need a new pipe, why don’t you give some love to the small, family operated potters that make the Ancient Creations ceramic pipes. They also have an assortment of other sizes, hand pipes and Hookahs to meet your needs. Check them out at

Medible review Lookah Seahorse Pro nectar collector scaled

Lookah Seahorse Pro portable nectar collector

This has been the first electric nectar collector that I can honestly say I enjoy using. It fits well in my hand, looks pretty cool, and functions flawlessly. At under $50, I think it’s a bargain for anyone looking for more powerful rips on the go from something you can easily pocket.

If you are not really satisfied by your dab pen anymore, this is definitely the next device you should buy. It offers a much more potent experience on the go while being barely larger than a wax pen.  It has more than enough battery life for the day, and interchangeable tips to better suit your needs.

Check out the Lookah Seahorse Pro and upgrade your portable dabbing experience today!

Medible review red white blue mouthpeace filters silicone mouthpiece germ free filtered smoking 2000x 1 e1592246875795

MouthPeace Personal Bong Filter

Made from biodegradable and recycled materials, the triple-layer activated carbon filters of the MouthPeace will sanitize smoke/vapor and enhance flavors by removing resins, toxins, and tar; all without blocking your intake or reducing airflow. Using the no-touch design, eject the filter by pushing it up and out with your thumb from the side of the MouthPeace. Replace as needed for optimal performance. Lanyard included!

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