SLX 2.0 4-piece Herb Grinder Review

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SLX 2.0 4-piece Herb Grinder


Build Material


Build Quality


Ease of cleaning


The Grind





  • Completely NonStick!
  • Gorgeous fluffy grind
  • Super smooth to turn
  • Lift out screen - no threads!
  • Magnetic Closure
  • ZERO Teflon® or PTFE Teflon® (PTFE)
  • Cleaning? Only if you drop it in the mud


  • No real con's here - this is a quality grinder!

SLX 2.0 4-piece Herb Grinder Review

 The Case for a Good Grinder

 I am often amazed at the amount of people who will spend over $500 on a new vaporizer but will buy the cheapest grinder they see without the slightest bit of involved thought on its selection. That’s kinda like putting lawn mower tires on a Ferrari! The grinder is the first step in your cannabis experience, why not treat it just as importantly?

Vaporizers perform their best with a nice even, fluffy grind to help achieve maximum surface area and airflow. There are a few grinders out there capable of producing a good even grind and a lot that definitely are not up to the task (i.e. those freebie acrylic pucks). Regardless of cost, grinders all share one common fault: they get dirty pretty quick.

Medible review SLX twin

A Slick Solution

Sticky resin from your flowers works itself into just about anywhere and everywhere it can, causing your grinder to eventually start to bind and become harder to turn. A grinder that doesn’t turn smoothly takes a lot more hand strength to prepare your flower which may hinder those with problems like arthritis.  Cleaning your grinder can easily waste an hour or two of your life that you will never get back.

The SLX 2.0 4-piece Herb Grinder (pronounced “Slicks”) has completely solved this problem while also managing to deliver that perfect grind! Using a proprietary non-stick ceramic coating molecularly bonded to super strong 7075 T6 aluminum, the SLX is manufactured for both extreme durability and extreme slickness, making it the last grinder you will ever need!

Medible review slxherbgrindertopteeth

The Slick Stuff

The SLX 2.0 is arguably the smoothest grinder you will ever use! Even the stickiest of buds failed to adhere to any part of the device, and the few crumbs were easily dislodged with a slight tap. Your SLX Grinder comes with a uniquely shaped pick and a small plastic scraper to help gather up all the fluffy green.

A quick few turns of the single threaded piece provides access to your bounty, and the lift out stainless-screen makes this one of the quickest grinders to empty with no chance whatsoever of spilling your hard earned kief. Two Rare Earth Magnets keep the SLX 2.0 securely closed so there is no chance of losing your precious material.

The SLX 2.0 4-piece herb grinder is available in 2 sizes and 7 colors for your choosing.  Both the 2.5 inch and the 2-inch model are 20% shorter than most grinders due to their unique lift out screen, making them ultra-portable. SLX is so confident in their product that they put their contact info on the bottom of every grinder! If any part fails under normal use SLX will send a replacement part to you at no charge. That goes a long way to show their commitment to customer satisfaction!

Medible review slx herb grinders colors

Bottom Line

The SLX 2.0 will instantly become your favorite grinder the moment you use it! Its slippery-smooth non-stick coating barely requires any attention at all and the grind consistency is superb! Your herb just falls right out of the 55 razor sharp teeth leaving nothing behind. Despite its slickness, the grinder is surprisingly easy to grip thanks to slab cut and serrations. If you run through lots of herb this is the grinder for you! If you are a first-time buyer looking for the only grinder you will ever need, this is the grinder for you as well!

I found the grind consistency to work equally well for rolling as well as for most vaporizer use, although a select few of my vapes prefer a slightly smaller. If I could make a wish, I would wish for an SLX 3.0 grinder with swappable plates giving the ability to produce grinds of different consistencies. Regardless, the SLX 2.0 4-piece herb grinder is a true masterpiece of design that belongs in your hands.

Try one for yourself and see what you have been missing! 

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