*New!* Ghost MV1 portable convection vaporizer review – Matt Black MV1 Stealth Edition

Medible review Ghost MV1 portable convection vaporizer

Ghost MV1








Battery Life





  • Pure Convection
  • Unparalleled flavor from a portable
  • Desktop power
  • Replaceable battery
  • Precision Temp Control


  • Portable, but not always pocketable
  • Not a con really, but 3500MaH batteries would be nicer

 Updated 11-20-2020

Ghost Vapes has now introduced a new and improved version of the Ghost MV1! The new Matt Black MV1 Stealth Edition comes in a striking color-coded finish that extends all the way to the black mouthpiece.

The latest production units now come with:

– The latest heat-sink with improved seals
– Highly durable tactile Matt UV finish on reverse
– Newly improved door mechanism & switch
– Updated firmware to keep your MV1 operating at its very best
– Improved tolerances

Nirvana Achieved

I have long dreamed of a portable vaporizer with premium desktop power. That day has finally come to to pass – nirvana achieved! Thanks to some ingenious thinking and a healthy dose of technology, we can now have the power and vapor quality of a desktop vaporizer in an elegant package that can fit in your pocket or purse!

The Ghost MV1 portable convection vaporizer is an engineering masterpiece that provides hands down the best and most flavorful vapor you will ever get out of a portable vape! By using true convection technology, your precious herb never sits there baking away if your attentions are diverted elsewhere.


Fire it up and the Ghost MV1 is ready within 10 seconds. Subsequent hits come even faster, only requiring about 3 seconds. Take a deep long draw; Unlike conduction vapes which work best with short, shallow puffs, the Ghost performs at its best with draws of a full 12-15 seconds in length! You can also adjust the airflow by sliding the mouthpiece in or out about a quarter of an inch or so.

One of the best things about a convection vaporizer like the Ghost MV1 is that after each hit the chamber stays cool, unlike conduction vapes which continually roast your herb even after being turned off. This makes the Ghost a perfect one-hitter vape for those quick discrete moments. You can go from start to finish in under 30 seconds!

The Inside Scoop

The Ghost uses an oval ceramic crucible complete with a matching stainless-steel lid that houses approximately 0.12g of herb. Although the chamber size may appear small to some, thanks to the unique extraction process of convection vaping the Ghost MV1 easily doubles or triples the extraction efficiency of standard conduction vapes.

Like most vaporizers, the Ghost performs at its peak when it is fed the proper grind. After testing a few different grinders, I found the SLX grinder to provide the best grind consistency for the Ghost MV1 – a nice medium + grind. As long as you don’t use too fine a grind with this vape, you will find that the draw resistance is butter smooth.

The Delivery

The flavors you get from this vaporizer are what every other portable vaporizer should aspire to attain. Cycling your herb through the 3 pre-programmed heat settings is an efficient way to maximize terpene extraction from your flower in stages. If those 3 stages aren’t enough, the Bluetooth Controlled App allows you to set 2 additional presets allowing for a total of 5. The 6th setting is reserved for concentrate mode.

The Ghost MV1 is labeled as a dual use vaporizer. The 6th setting on the device offers a completely different heat profile allowing for the use of concentrates. Simply put a small amount of concentrate on the stainless-steel pad inside a crucible and insert normally. I find most dual use vaporizers can excel at one aspect of the job, but rarely – if ever, excel at both. The Ghost MV1 is one of those curious outliers that does a surprisingly fantastic job with! The first hit is a seemingly unproductive primer, but the second totally makes you rethink life. After savoring the flavor, you will literally slap yourself for not getting this vape sooner!

Power Extreme

The massive power required for this vaporizer comes from twin 18560 2600MaH batteries in a custom battery pack that is rechargeable via Micro-USB or the available external fast-charger. The ability to have multiple batteries coupled with the fast charger ensure that your sessions will probably outlast your supply. My only wish would be to see this carrying twin 3500 MaH batteries.

That double-barreled battery means you can expect between 50 and 100 puffs on a charge depending on temperature. Recharging with the built in Micro-USB can take a few hours, but fortunately there is an available external fast charger that will make quick work of replenishing the behemoth battery. You can also carry a spare just in case an unexpected session arrives.

The Accessories

That battery power allows for you to vaporize your way through quite a few crucibles before recharging, Ghost Vapes didn’t want this to be a problem, so they also came up with the Crucible Dispenser; a convenient accessory device that will keep your sessions going by allowing you to discretely carry an additional 5 loaded crucibles!

The Ghost MV1 comes with a two-year warranty on workmanship and defects which can be extended to 5 years upon registration. The battery is warrantied from defects for one year. Thankfully replaceable batteries go a long way to making sure your vaporizer lasts for many years. Ghost Vapes currently is offering their Ghost MV1 Bundle with an automatic coupon that saves you $50.00!

The Bottom Line

The Ghost MV1 is in a category of its own. As a portable true convection vape, it has absolutely no equal. This is the best vapor you will ever experience from a portable vaporizer. The crucibles make dosing super easy, and the concentrate option produces surprisingly good results. It is currently available in 4 colors, and each one is equally fantastic.

A word on portability; My first thought was the Ghost is a bit larger than most portable vapes and honestly would go better in a bag or purse than in your pocket, but after a few crucibles I realized it really wasn’t as hard to pocket as I thought. Skinny jeans may be out of the question, but baggy shorts are no problem.

I really cannot recommend the Ghost MV1 enough! It will probably only take a single pull of this vape to convince you of the same. The engineering is flawless, and the performance is far superior to anything else available on the market. If you can learn to live with its slightly larger size, this is the best portable vaporizer you can buy.

At this time there is no official coupon code for the Ghost MV1 by itself, however they have put together this sweet bundle deal which adds the crucible dispenser, a spare battery and the external battery charger which is the equivalence of a $50.00 off Ghost MV1 coupon code! 

Already have the Ghost? Tell us all about it below!

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