Magnetic Attraction: HØJ KØL 2.0 Pipe Review 2023

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HØJ KØL 2.0 Pipe

$80 - $100

Design Quality


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Ease of Use


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  • Smooth & cool vapor from a small pipe
  • No water needed
  • Super easy to clean
  • Different size screens


  • None really

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Spoon pipes are probably one of the most prevalent smoking tools around. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that most stoners today own at least 1 spoon. For those of us with many, the HØJ KØL 2.0 pipe is a welcome addition to the collection.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the KØL, welcome! This HØJ KØL 2.0 pipe review will tell you everything you need to know about this intriguing spoon, and more importantly whether it should be in your collection.

HOJ KOL 2.0 Pipe review
HOJ KOL 2.0 Pipe review

The Problem with Spoons

One of the biggest drawbacks of short spoon-like pipes is their relatively small size. While this makes them very easy to conceal and carry, the short direct vapor path can be hot AF. Numerous attempts to cool down the vapor in such a short journey have met with limited success.

While some designers decided upon freezing the area around the vapor path in an attempt to cool the vapor, others took a more mechanical route. Longer, thinner chambers work well but cleaning them is nearly impossible.

Danish design firm HØJ has come up with a more elegant solution that they believe will make you rethink cool.

HOJ KOL 2.0 Pipe review
HOJ KOL 2.0 review

The HØJ KØL 2.0 Pipe Review

According to the designer, “The KØL is Inspired by the scales of the Mako shark, KØL’s shape forces incoming air into a vortex to trap a far higher proportion of herbal impurities than previously thought possible. Think of KØL like your very own set of gills, filtering for a cleaner experience every time.”

The KØL is designed in 2 separate halves, split longways, and held together with strong magnets. A separate titanium filter (it comes with 3 different ones) fits perfectly into its home and will not fall out. This design makes the KØL very easy to keep clean, arguably the easiest yet.

Each side of the pipe is covered in an array of dimples and their corresponding divots. The all match up with extreme precision, leaving just enough room for air to flow. This means the vapor gets to contact more surface area of the pipe than ever before, trapping all the impurities and dramatically cooling the vapor without water.

A Chilling Performance

Many pipes out there claim to cool the searing vapor generated from a short path, but only a select few are able to make a real obvious difference. Most of them rely on freezing your pipe and using the sub temperatures to rob heat from the vapor as it passes through.

There is an obvious downside to this method: portability. Frozen pipes must stay frozen in order to work, and frozen things don’t stay frozen long when outside of the freezer. This leaves a very small window of effectiveness. An hour after being left out, these pipes are no different than a standard spoon.

The HOJ KOL pipe is different. It does not rely on water, or the freezing of components to function properly. The process is entirely mechanical. What this means for you is that the KØL pipe 2.0 will work perfectly regardless of the circumstances, providing you with a cooler and less irritating vapor.

The Downsides of the KØL Pipe 2.0

The chamber is pretty shallow, but nice and wide. It takes a little getting used to torching the wider bowl evenly, but it worked out ok for me. I think some people may not like the wide shallow bowl as much, but I have no real issues with it. Would I prefer a deeper bowl? Yes, but only if it did not impact performance.

HOJ KOL 2.0 Pipe review
HOJ KOL 2.0 Pipe review

The Warranty

KØL is designed to last a lifetime and therefore comes with a Lifetime Warranty. However, damage caused by carelessness, drops above 3 feet / 1 meter or demagnetization of magnets due to the induction of electricity, extreme heating or corrosion damage due to excessive time submerged in water. KØL is also not covered under warranty if it has been washed in a dishwasher.

HOJ KOL Pipe review
HOJ KOL 2.0 Pipe review

Overall Impression

I wasn’t sure if the KØL would live up to its hype, but after experiencing the engineering marvel that is the KLIP grinder, I figured HØJ might be up to something good. Definitely glad I did, as this is probably now the only spoon that I will use religiously.

The vapor is noticeably cooler, even on the shorter KØL Mini. I also find myself coughing way less when I use the KØL versus a regular spoon. In comparison with a frozen glycerin pipe the cooling factor is the same or better with one superior advantage: You don’t get frozen lips.

Cleaning the KØL is where it really shines. No pipe cleaners or Q-tips are required. An after-session refresh can be done with only hot running water, with an easy alcohol soak recommended if it gets really dirty. The screens clean easy as well, and as they are titanium they should stand up to some abuse. 

HOJ KOL Pipe review
HOJ KOL 2.0 Pipe review

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the HØJ KØL really cool the smoke?

Compared to an ordinary spoon of the same size, the temperature difference between vapor from the KØL and a glass pipe is astounding really. The KØL really cuts back on the heat, but besides that the smoke is just no where near as harsh as with a glass spoon. Because “Coughing, that’s just bad design.”

The draw is super smooth, and coupled with the cooler vapor it seems like it hits lighter than a regular spoon. Don’t let this fool you, the exhale will prove that you probably took a bigger hit than normal without realizing it.

What comes with the KØL pipe?

The KØL pipe comes with the pipe itself (either the full size or the mini) and 3 replacement screens; 1 Fine, 1 Medium and 1 Coarse filter. The pipe itself is backed in the most elegant sustainable cork box with a smoked acrylic lid.

The Full-sized KØL is 5.9 inches long, while the KØL mini measures a petite 4.4 inches. The full-sized KØL does a slightly better job at cooling the vapor, as expected, due to its larger size.

How do you clean the KØL pipe?

Is the KØL pipe easy to clean? Yes, it most certainly is. In fact, the KØL is the easiest pipe you will every clean. Simply separate the 2 halves and push out the screen. Drop the screen in some alcohol and let it soak. A brush may be necessary depending on buildup.

Drop the 2 halves in alcohol and let it soak for a bit. Then simply rinse under water. Let it dry before reassembly.

Can you buy replacement screens for the KØL?

Replacement screens for the KØL are available in a 12 pack; 3 Fine, 3 Medium and 3 Coarse filters. You can buy the KØL filters here.

Is the KOL pipe 2.0 on Amazon?

At this time, the KOL pipe is not for sale on Amazon. To find a HOJ pipe for sale, check out

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