Evergreen Pods cannabis humidifying capsule review

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Evergreen Pods cannabis humidifying capsule






Ease of Use







  • Inexpensive humidity control
  • Long Lasting - up to 5 years
  • Small size fits in many containers
  • Rechargeable with regular water
  • Two-way humidification


  • A little difficult to see the beads thru the screen
  • Perhaps a larger version for big containers?

Evergreen Pod Humidifying Capsule review

 The Evergreen pod will keep your precious herb hydrated for years, and only requires an occasional recharge with regular drinking water. No other product on the market can do this! Its small size allows for use in most storage containers, and it includes multiple mounting options. With a 5-year life expectancy, the Evergreen Pods are much more economical than those disposable sachet style products. Check out the evergreen pods today and restore the freshness!

Controlling the Humidity

When you have spent a reasonable amount of money on some quality flower, you really want it to stay fresh for as long as possible for your maximum enjoyment. To keep your cannabis fresh and tasty over extended periods of storage, it is best to keep relatively tight control over the humidity in your container.

Cannabis is best stored between 55% to 62% Relative Humidity (RH). When you live in an arid place like Colorado it’s impossible to keep your herb hydrated without outside intervention, and in places of high humidity mold is an ever-present threat. Thankfully there are products available to solve these problems for us!

The Evergreen Pod

The Evergreen pod is a small metal screw top canister containing some magic beads made from specially formulated materials that can absorb or discharge moisture to keep your herbal materials at the perfect humidity level.

The little green pod is about the size of a 2L plastic bottle top (1-3/8” in diameter and 3/4” tall). Unscrewing the cap allows access to the screened in beads and the recharging pad. The recharging pad is how you rehydrate the beads inside the can, taking about 3-4 seconds to fully saturate.

Medible review IMG 20181011 195847 415Restore the Freshness

Once charged (see below), simply place the lid back on and close it partially just enough for the lid to hang on and not fall off. Closing the lid will stop the process, as you seal off the air’s access to the beads inside. Place in your jar and allow the Evergreen pod to work its magic, bringing old dehydrated bud back to its full glory.

The Evergreen Pod’s small size makes it able to fit in almost any size container, and you can use multiple pods for larger containers as well. The pod contains a magnet in its base which allows for quick attachment to the lids of mason jars and other types. Not a metal lid? No problem! The Evergreen Pod also comes with a small peel-and-stick hook & loop fastener to attach virtually anywhere.

The Bottom Line

The Evergreen pod lasts for years and only requires an occasional recharge with drinking water. No other product on the market can do this. With a 5-year life expectancy, the Evergreen Pods are much more economical than those disposable sachet style products. Go grab some Evergreen Pods and restore the freshness!

For a complete cannabis storage system, check out the Evergreen Complete Cannabis Storage Solution!



How to Check BeadsMedible review evergreen pod charge no screen

  • Unscrew cap from Evergreen Pod and hold it under a light with the screen side facing up.
  • Examine beads through screen. (Don’t remove the screen!)
  • About half of the visible beads should be translucent with the other half being opaque white.
  • If all the beads are opaque white, the Evergreen Pod needs recharging.

How to Charge Beads

  • The Evergreen Pod can be recharged using regular drinking water. Using high sulfur/contaminated water is not recommended as any unpleasant smell may be absorbed by the jar contents.
  • There is a recharging sponge affixed to the underside of the Evergreen Pod cap. Wet the sponge thoroughly – it should be soaked through in seconds. Never apply water directly to the screen.
  • Shake off excess water and screw the cap back onto the Evergreen Pod until it is sealed.

How to Use After Charging

Under normal conditions the Evergreen Pod will recharge in under two hours. To check on the charging status of your pod, unscrew the cap from the Evergreen Pod and hold under a light with the screen side facing up. If the visible beads are all still opaque white two hours after recharging, re-wet the sponge and repeat the process.

After recharging the Evergreen, re-attach cap to Evergreen pod and then loosen it about a quarter-turn, so that the cap is secured but not tightly sealed. The cap must be loose for the Evergreen Pod to function properly.

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