Edible Review: Tincturebelle Snockered 200mg THC Chocolate Bar

Medible review Snockered 200mgBar 2

Tincturebelle Snockered 200mg THC Chocolate Bar









  • Tastes Great!
  • Provides Powerful Relief
  • Gluten Free


  • That edible white logo ...
  • Package way too skinny

Tincturebelle has been providing quality cannabis infused edibles and topicals to the Colorado market for the past 6 years and their products have become a staple at many local dispensaries. One of their more recent creations is the “Snockered” chocolate bar and I have to say it is the best tasting treat to leave their kitchen so far! Snockered is “a hand made bar mixing the tastes of smooth chocolate, crunchy peanuts, chewy nougat, and soft creamy caramel.”

Tincturebelle’s Snockered bar is made from simple ingredients and contains Pure THC Distillate so you will not notice the typical hashy taste normally associated with non-distillate containing edibles. Although products using distillate are marketed as having no hashy taste, I typically find the hashy taste is still present – albeit dramatically lessened. (Perhaps its because I’m looking for it.) The Snockered bar has a barely perceptible earthy herb taste and melds perfectly with the nutty chocolate flavor to create a truly delicious cannabis infused treat! 

The Snockered bar from Tincturebelle comes in a long narrow child proof plastic resealable pouch. I had a little difficulty getting the candy out of the pouch, as the opening is not much larger than the width of the bar itself. Mine was at a warm room temperature making the chocolate stick a bit; keeping it in the fridge would probably alleviate this problem. Pressed into the bar itself was a white circle of something (I’m assuming sugar?) bearing the newly required THC logo.

I found the sugary disk label to be an unfortunate distraction from the taste and texture of the Snockered bar, hopefully the folks at Tincturebelle can come up with an alternative. This minor issue is NOT nearly enough to keep me from buying these, the pro’s definitely outweigh the cons here!

Tincturebelle has really hit a home run with this cannabis infused confection! Stop by your local dispensary today and get Snockered!

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