Ancient Creations Ceramic Bongs

When it comes to my sessions, I really enjoy using a pipe that is both beautiful and functional. It is easy to find a functional bong – the requirements don’t really require much skill. Making a pipe look cool is moderately harder and requires some skills.

Combining both, however, is a much more difficult process. When someone masters that you get smokable works of art. I recently discovered a company that has been producing such smokeable artwork for over 25 years!

Ancient Creations Ceramics is a small home-based company from the Seattle area, in the great Pacific Northwest. They have been providing our 100% handmade Ceramic Hand Pipes, Wheel-Thrown Water Pipes, and Hookahs to valued customers & smoke shops all across the country since 1995!

Until recently, you could only buy their awesome pipes in select stores, but now you can buy these hand-spun works of art online!

Medible review Ancient Creations bong 1 scaled

The Pipe

I really water pipes that are small in stature. To me, they are a more intimate way of enjoying my quality flower. The Ancient Creations ceramic water pipe is the perfect size for my personal session needs. This little creature sits at about 7 inches tall.

The first thing you feel are the indents in the surface from where someone’s adept hands glided across forming the shape of the bong. This hand forming process makes your pipe totally unique – no one else’s bong will look and feel like yours.

The pipe is setup with a side hole containing a rubber grommet. Included is a glass or metal down stem that perfectly mates to the rubber forming an airtight seal. Definitely no leakage here! While still empty, I did a test pull to judge the airflow and it was just right. I couldn’t wait to pack a bowl!

Medible review Ancient Creations bong 3 scaled

The Hit

I like to take an unlit pull first to get a good taste. Decided on a little Blueberry for the first test; I just love the taste of this strain. I lit the bowl with some hemp cord and gave it a few puffs. The Ancient Creations ceramic pipe gives an absolutely perfect pull for me – just enough cooldown of the smoke.

A few puffs later and I am feeling rather good. A friend of mine dropped over so I decided to have him test it as well. A little background here; this friend has never cared about any bong I put in front of him for the last 20+ years. He’s a “a bong is a bong” guy for sure.

Long story short, this bong hits so smooth that for the first time EVER he actually asked about the bong and where he could get one! That may not mean a lot to you, but for me that is the best recommendation you can get.


Luckily ceramic bongs, being not see-thru, can go a little longer between cleanings as you don’t have to look at the buildup. Out of sight out of mind, right? When it does come time to clean, it takes all of 2 minutes.

This pipe doesn’t have any percolator inside, nor any sharp or hard to reach spots so cleaning is a breeze. Pour in some 70% or greater Isopropyl Alcohol and about a tablespoon of coarse kosher salt. I have a little rubber stopper that fits in the bowl hole. I covered the top with a small piece of plastic wrap and a rubber band.

Shake vigorously for a minute and dump out all the yuck. You can repeat the process if you desire it crystal clean, or you can be just be “one and done”.  I always rinse mine with hot water just to get any alcohol residue out. You are now ready for the next session!

The Verdict

If you smoke cannabis, you need one of these. (If you don’t smoke cannabis, give this as a gift to your smoker friends!) This is the perfect pipe for your solo sessions, hands down. It hits smooth as smooth can be, allowing tons of flavor to hit your tongue without being harsh on the lungs.

The Ancient Creations ceramic pipe is as beautiful as it is functional. You can definitely see it was hand made with love and attention; It definitely does not look like a cheap piece of China glass.

If you need a new pipe, why don’t you give some love to the small, family operated potters that make the Ancient Creations ceramic pipes. They also have an assortment of other sizes, hand pipes and Hookahs to meet your needs. Check them out at

They also offer free shipping and free returns should something not suit you right! Thanks to their safe delivery guarantee, if anything arrives damaged, they will immediately replace it.

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