Best Grinders of 2023 (So Far)

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Best Grinders of 2020


Best grinders of 2020


Owning a quality grinder can make a big difference in your grind, and therefore your session. A quality grinder is something that every cannabis enthusiast should own, in fact most that I know own several. I have a few favorite grinder / vaporizer combinations myself, as do many others.

For those of you who like owning quality grinders, we created this list of our picks for our favorite Best grinders of 2020 (so far). For those new to the market, any one of these grinders in this list would be a fantastic investment.

We acquire loads of grinders here and can tell you that from our experience, these are the best of what we have used and will continue to use. Enough with the chatter, lets get on with it!

Best Stainless-Steel Grinder

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The HerbRipper – $89.00-219.00

Kevin Barth, President & CEO of HerbRipper, realized that there is a better, albeit more expensive way to make a grinder. HerbRipper grinders are machined not from soft Aluminum, but of a solid block of ultra-hard Stainless Steel! This allows for them to offer a lifetime guarantee on the grinder teeth. This grinder that will be just as sharp in 10 years as it is today!

Every grinder pride themselves on having sharp teeth, but nobody has sharp teeth on all surfaces. The Ripper has a unique edge on top of all the teeth to start cutting before you even take the first turn. This allows quick and thorough dicing of your flower.  Designed to literally last you a lifetime. Made of American stainless steel and machined in Cincinnati. Available in 2 sizes.

The unique thread design encompasses multi leads that easily line up to prevent cross-threading and allow for quarter …

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Best Finishing Grinder Ever

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Magic Flight Finishing Grinder – $45.00

Many conduction vaporizers tend to work more efficiently with a very small grind. This is the most important accessory that you will ever buy if you own a MFLB, Davinci, PAX or any other type on conduction or convection vaporizer.

Made of solid sustainable hardwoods, the 2-piece Magic-Flight finishing grinder utilizes a stainless-steel grate and works like a fine cheese grater. The friction creates a micro-fine grind that will truly revolutionize your vaporizing experience.

The Magic Flight finishing grinder is available in 3 different sustainable hardwood types; Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. The finishing grinder is delivered inside a …

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Best High-Tech Grinder

Medible review tectonic9 black 2000 01

Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder from Cloudious9 – $59.99

The Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder from Cloudious9 is a unique merger of modern technology with a quality mechanical grinder. You perform a manual grind just like any other grinder, but dispensing is a whole other ball game.

Getting your precious herb out is greatly simplified with the use of a unique vibration system that smoothly dispenses exactly what you want – all at the push of a button.

The Tectonic9 grinder hosts a slew of exciting features not yet seen in the grinding industry. Its 28 CNC manufactured diamond shaped grinding teeth housed inside a …

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Fastest Grinder on the planet

Medible review Large 4pc Grinder Bordeaux Red With Papers Holder

Phoenician Grinder – Phoenician Engineering – $59.99-$124.99

The first thing you will notice about this grinder are its unique teeth. The slender cutting implements are fewer and more spread out, along with being an odd oblong shape. These revolutionary teeth significantly reduce friction and help preserve trichome integrity.

Unlike other grinders, this is more like taking a fine set of scissors to your herb and rendering it into a pile of delicate green now. Not only is it sharp as hell, the far spaced teeth allow you to slide a huge nug right in there with zero effort.

These special teeth make this the fastest grinder available and is perfect for those who grind for the masses. You can macerate your stash in half the time of any ordinary grinder. In addition to being sharp and fast, this grinder also offers a unique locking…

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Best Modular Grinder

Medible review kannastor gr8trv2 4

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder – $85.00

The GR8TR V2 is an 8-piece modular design carved from solid aluminum. The individual pieces can be combined in multiple ways to suit your grinding or storage needs. The GR8TR V2 easily converts to a 2-piece storage puck, a 3-piece non-sifter, or the full 8-piece experience! The top lid has storage space for extra buds.

The Greatest feature of the GR8TR V2 is its 2 interchangeable grating disks. The medium disk produces a fluffy grind perfect for rolling or the bong. The fine disk makes the most amazing fluffy green snow you could ever ask for! That flawless fluff is the perfect vaporizer food!

The razor-sharp Micro Teeth make quick work of anything you can fit in its deep grinding chamber. The Kannastor features a quick release…

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The only Grinder you never have to clean

Medible review slx herb grinders colors 1

SLX 2.0 4-piece Herb Grinder – $55-$65

Sticky resin from your flowers works itself into just about anywhere and everywhere it can, causing your grinder to eventually start to bind and become harder to turn. A grinder that doesn’t turn smoothly takes a lot more hand strength to prepare your flower.

Cleaning your grinder can easily waste an hour of your life that you will never get back. The SLX 2.0 4-piece Herb Grinder (pronounced “Slicks”) has completely solved this problem while also managing to deliver that perfect grind!

Using a proprietary non-stick ceramic coating molecularly bonded to super strong 7075 T6 aluminum, the SLX is manufactured for both extreme durability and extreme slickness, making it the …

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Best Magnetic Grinder

Medible review Rainbowgrinder5

Nomatiq Hex Grinder – $49.00

The Hex grinder from Nomatiq is the first grinder to have all pieces held firmly together by a magnetic field.  No screw threads to line up ever again!

The Hex grinder utilizes a series of 14 powerful magnets to keep the 4 pieces aligned in its unique hexagon shape. Made from a strong zinc alloy, the Nomatiq Hex grinder sports 33 razor sharp teeth that willingly do battle with the toughest of buds.

Its 2-inch diameter entryway allows for using larger, dense buds. This grinder works just as well with sticky buds as it does with dry, crunchy ones. This grinder also does really well at collecting kief

Its unique hexagonal shape allows it to…

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