Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Review

Medible review duplex dual extract vaporizer black

Ooze Duplex Ooze Duplex Vaporizer








Battery Life





  • Can use both oil cartridges and concentrates
  • Extremely stealthy
  • Very simple to use
  • Magnetic connections for quick change
  • Adjustable voltage


  • Battery life is ok, but not stellar
  • Only dual coil options available

Ooze Duplex Vaporizer Review

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 At A Glance

 Pre-filled cartridges are a popular option when it comes to medicating. Many find them easy to use and a good way to control their dosages. Not to mention vape cartridges are probably one of the stealthiest ways available to take your medicine. There are probably hundreds of 510 threaded batteries out there capable of being used with these pre-filled cartridges, but most of them share the same problem: their size.

The Ooze Duplex

For the longest time, 510 thread batteries for cannabis oil cartridges were pretty much all the same shape and size; commonly resembling thick pens. Not an issue in private, but for those wanting a greater degree of stealth those big pens have a tendency to scream “Hey look at me!!”. The Duplex by Ooze solved that problem by designing one of the stealthiest batteries for pre-filled cartridges available!


Voted Best Vaporizer by High Times at Cannabis Cup Michigan, the Ooze Duplex features a unique design where in the pre-filled cartridge slides into the unit and is held in place by a strong magnetic base. This makes the entire device fit easily in the palm of your hand, unlike those other batteries. Simply attach the mall magnetic base to the bottom of your cartridge and you are all ready to go!

Along with pre-filled cartridges, the Ooze Duplex comes with a ceramic glass oil tank, for filling your own, and a dual quartz wax vaporizer tank allowing you to use the Duplex with your favorite concentrates! That’s a great option to have for when you really need a boost without having to carry a second device.

The Ooze Duplex 1000 MaH battery features 4 temperature settings (3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 4.0V) and a 15 second preheat mode option. There is a magnetically held cover plate that hides the temperature display which also functions as a squeeze-trigger for the unit. Removing the plate, you can cycle through the 4 available voltage presets by clicking the button 3-times rapidly to advance to the next setting.


Performance was greater than I expected from such a small unit. The Duplex created pretty decent vapor with the oil tanks, and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and flavor of the dual-quartz ceramic wax atomizer. While this may not be the best choice for a wax only device, its perfect for beginners and veterans alike who predominantly use oil cartridges with the occasional concentrate session.

Battery life is not the best, but I’m sure the size constraints preclude the use of a larger one. I got 6 or 7 sessions out of a charge with the unit recharging in right about an hour. Where the Ooze Duplex shines is in its stealth; you can completely hide the whole thing in your palm! This is the first vaporizer I have used that actually fits in that tiny pocket of your jeans.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I think the Ooze Duplex is a great first time buy for the new oil user and a good secondary for anyone else who wants decent performance from a stealthy ultra-portable device. The ability to swap the oil tank for concentrates on the fly makes this a real dual-purpose winner! The battery should be good enough to last most casual users throughout the day, and recharging is swift. The best part of the Duplex is the price: you get all this for  $59 for the gold model and $49 for the other colors!

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