Large Phoenician Grinder Review 2021

Grinders, like the Phoenician grinder review, are arguably the most important piece of cannabis paraphernalia that you own, but unfortunately many people seem overlook its importance. I have many friends who have no problem dropping $300 on a quality vape or bong and then bust out the cheap acrylic puck to start the sesh. When I bring it up, the usual response is “it doesn’t matter, it’s just a grinder”.

I for one beg to differ; I believe that your choice of grinder is just as important as your choice of vape. Vaporizers perform their best when all the ground herb is consistently even in size. It’s not just vapes, either – every manner of consumption benefit from consistency. Your packed bowls and rolled joints all burn more evenly when everything is in order, maximizing your enjoyment.

This is definitely not only my belief, as the market for high quality grinders is large and ever growing. With so many choices, I am often asked which grinder should I buy? Every grinder has their own marketing gimmick claiming they are the best, and sifting through all those offerings can be a painstaking task.

Most grinders function pretty much the same to some extent, so what determines a quality grinder from a waste of money? Let’s look at one of the best grinders on the market today, The Phoenician Grinder, to help answer those questions.

Phoenician grinder
Phoenician grinder

Phoenician Grinder Review – The Design

Phoenician Engineering is based in the USA and proudly manufactures the Phoenician grinder review in the Mid-West out of domestically-sourced and DFARS compliant aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. This ensures that your grinder is of the highest quality and will last virtually forever unlike cheap imports that use mostly subpar metals.

The Phoenician Grinder is designed with a quick-lock method which holds the sections together very tightly without any chance of getting gummed up or crossed threads. The top section is held in place by means of a strong rare-earth magnet. The precision engineering makes the Phoenician Grinder review super easy to operate by even a novice.

As an added bonus, the top of the large Phoenician grinder features a slot to hold your favorite rolling papers and also features a small ashtray for your enjoyment.

The Teeth

The most important feature in a grinder is its teeth. If you want your flower to obtain the best consistency, then you need some sharp fangs. The Phoenician’s choppers are uniquely designed to act more like multiple pairs of scissors that gently shear your bud into small, uniform pieces to preserve the flavor & effects of your herb. This shearing effect also cuts down on the amount of dust that is more commonly produced by most other grinders.

Phoenician grinder
Phoenician grinder

The Speed Factor

With many budget grinders, grinding a decent amount of flower for you and your friends can be laborious and time consuming. You can easily get wrist fatigue from the constant twisting of the top. This is not the case with the Phoenician Grinder review! Its unique cutting heads rip through our flower with the speed of Yoda’s lightsaber. This is arguably the fastest grinder on the market and can shred mountains of bud with ease. Even the densest and stickiest of cannabis is no match for the Phoenician!

The End Result

The fluffy, shredded flower produced by the Phoenician Grinder review is the perfect all-around consistency for rolling, packing a bowl, or using in your favorite vaporizer. The screen section holds the bounty and also allows for kief collection. As the shredding process is more gentle than other grinders, I find it produces much less dust. Less dust means the kief collected is very clean and super potent.

Final Thoughts

I own a large box of grinders, and most of them haven’t left the box in quite a while. The Phoenician has never spent a single moment in that box – it has been my go-to grinder for many years due to its speed, quality output, and ease of use.

The large (3.2 inches across) Phoenician is great for anyone with hand issues like arthritis, as it requires very minimal effort to operate. For those without hand problems, this grinder will keep you from getting them.

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