Hidden Gems – The Cannabox Subscription Review 2023

Medible review Cannabox Subscription Review May Kit Shrooms

Cannabox Subscription

$31 - $38

Quality of contents


Perceived value of contents


Content Curation


Shipping Speed


Overall Value



  • Awesome selection of contents
  • Nice glass!
  • Good value for the money
  • Every month you get a surprise!


  • I'll let you know if I can think of one

I have done plenty of reviews of products over the years, but this is my very first time to review a monthly subscription service. Monthly subscription boxes like the Cannabox subscription review are kind of a new thing for me. Usually, I gloss over these types of offers because I have a difficult time seeing the intrinsic value of them.

That opinion was recently changed. While perusing my friend’s bong collection, I saw quite a few that I thought were pretty cool. After inquiring, he told me that he gets those little bongs delivered to him every month with his Cannabox subscription.

I had heard of Cannabox, but to be honest I never really looked at them. (Refer back to the glossing-over part). After he showed me all that he got, I decided to take a closer look for myself and do a Cannabox review.

Cannabox Subscription Review
Cannabox Subscription Review

What is Cannabox?

Cannabox is a monthly subscription service that sends 6-8 cannabis accessories to you every single month for a relatively low price. You get useful accessories like premium glass pipes & bongs, dab rigs, rolling papers, rolling trays, snacks, and gear. Items are carefully hand-picked or designed by Cannabox experts and special guest curators.

How much does a Cannabox cost?

Cannabox costs between $31-33 depending on how you choose to pay. The lesser price is for a 6-month term. If you don’t wish to do a reoccurring delivery, or just want to try it out once, you can make a one-time purchase for $37.99

Cannabox Subscription Review
Cannabox Subscription Review

What comes in a Cannabox?

A Cannabox kit comes with 6-8 cannabis accessories. My kit was the May 2022 selection which consisted of a Shroom themed selection of goodies. I could not have asked for a better kit!

The centerpiece of the Cannabox was an amazing 6-inch-tall purple mushroom bong complete with both a 10mm bowl AND a 10mm quartz banger! For me, this pipe was worth the cost of the box by itself. This little mushy will get LOTS of use.

Also in the box was an awesome Cannabox Mushroom T-shirt to help you show off your love of the fungus. If mushrooms aren’t your thing, no worries – there’s still more for you.

Cannabox Subscription Review
Cannabox Subscription Review

My kit also came with a pack of OCB Brown Rice Papers (which roll extremely well), some Kush Hemp Wraps Berries so you can roll with extra flavor and a Clipper Nebula Lighter

Rounding out the box was a nice assortment of stickers and such, which will promptly find their way onto a Dutch Bros drive-thru pole here in town – I saw a bare spot! (Hypothetically speaking, of course)

Is Cannabox worth it? A Cannabox Reviews

The answer to that question lies solely within the individual buyer. In general, I personally think the box I received was worth the money paid. Perhaps this was mostly due to the theme of the month, but I can easily see paying over $40 for just the glass with the bowl and the banger.

That makes everything else free!

Cannabox Subscription Review
Cannabox Subscription Review

How long has Cannabox been in business?

Cannabox has been in business since 2012, and is the leader in 420 subscription boxes. They achieved this by providing an amazing selection of innovative products and the best customer service in the business at an affordable price.

You don’t stay in this kind of business for a decade without doing something right. Cannabox has managed to use this experience to perfectly curate their boxes like no other can.

Cannabox Subscription Review
Cannabox Subscription Review

My Overall Impression

The Cannabox Subscription Review was pretty fun, and the products I received were much better than I expected. The Mushroom theme was just perfect, and the little mushroom bong has a permanent spot on my display shelf now.

There may be some people who feel the value of the little glass pieces is just not there, but to each his own. I for one believe that most people will easily see the value in the Cannabox subscription review service.

Cannabox Subscription Review
Cannabox Subscription Review

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