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Lookah Seahorse Pro


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  • Easy to take on the go
  • Serious Dab Rig performance
  • No torch required
  • Hits like a big rig


  • Water bubbler is tiny

I have always been a fan of the concept of nectar collectors, and I own quite a few. The Lookah Seahorse Pro reviews is definitely not my first. Unfortunately, it always seems that I use one a few times before it ends up going into the big (huge?) box of “not impressed” weed paraphernalia never to see the light of day again.

Every time that I try a new device I am usually underwhelmed at its performance, its aesthetics, or its longevity. Models that require a torch work best, but they are not very convenient for on the go dabbing. Electric models always leave me feeling like I just had yet another sub-par experience that was more vape-pen than dab rig.

With this history, I was not really expecting much from yet another iteration of the electric nectar collector, but there is always a chance of being pleasantly surprised, right? Wrong… this time I was actually shocked! The seahorse Pro Reviews commences!

Lookah Seahorse Pro Review

Lookah Seahorse Pro Reviews

Hailing from Lookah, the same company that brought you the Unicorn electric dab rig that I previously reviewed, the Seahorse Pro is an ergonomically designed truly portable electric nectar collector. Not only does it allow you to dab your favorite concentrates straight from the jar, it also accepts standard 510 threaded oil cartridges.

The Seahorse comes with a super-fast heating quartz tip as well as an optional ceramic coil to help fine tune your dabbing experience. For those who prefer the best possible flavor, the quartz tip excels. The Ceramic coil generates much more vapor for those who like to experience huge clouds.

Both tips are replaceable and inexpensive, with a 5-pack costing around $35. Both of these tips work very well and keep working for quite a while depending on your use.

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Operating the Seahorse

To turn on the device, click the power button 5 times. Once powered on, a double tap will cycle through the 3 preset temperatures each with their corresponding colors – Blue, Purple, and white. Once you have selected your desired temperature, hold the button down for 3 seconds to enjoy 20 seconds of dabbing. Use this mode when using oil cartridges.

The Seahorse Pro nectar collector also has another heating option exclusively for wax that offers a 15 second preheat and a 30 second dab. I found this mode to be much better for dabbing concentrates straight from the jar. To enter this mode, simply click the button 3 times. The light will flash for 15 seconds while preheating, then stay lit solidly for the next 30 seconds.

Cooling the vapor

Another cool feature of the Seahorse Pro is its ability to interface directly with your favorite 14mm or 18mm glass bong with the included adapters. This allows you to use the Seahorse with both 510 threaded oil cartridges and the dab tips, routing the hot vapor through your water-cooling glass for a much smoother experience.  This is typically not a feature of most nectar collectors and is a welcome addition.

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First Impressions

After thumbing through the manual, I decided to try the quartz coil for my first experience with the Lookah Seahorse Pro reviews. I settled on the preheat mode at the medium heat setting and let it warm up. After the 15 seconds, I touched the tip gently into some fresh Pre-98 Bubba Kush Rosin and slowly inhaled.

The flavor punch was immediate and pleasant with no harsh burnt taste to speak of. I took a nice long draw without any discomfort from being too hot, despite the usual short vapor path present in nectar collectors.

The exhale vapor was also sublimely flavorful, with not much vapor. Definitely better for a stealthier dab. I was able to take 2 more hits before the preset timer turned the unit off. I really enjoyed the flavor using this tip – very smooth, not harsh in any way.

After letting it cool, I swapped tips to try out the ceramic coil. I was expecting much more in the cloud department here, and I was not disappointed. The flavor was still there, albeit not as good as the quartz tip. This tip produced way more vapor though – definitely for those people who love big clouds of smoke.

The vapor was definitely hotter with the ceramic coil. I for one would use the water-cooling option for this tip if I were to use it on a regular basis. For most sessions, I think I like the quartz tip better but that’s just my personal preference.

lookah seahorse pro review

Battery Life

The Lookah Seahorse Pro has a built in 650mAh rechargeable battery utilizing a standard micro-USB charger (cable included). This is plenty of power to make it through the day for all but the heaviest user. I was easily able to share a session with 5 other friends without running out of juice. For safety, the battery offers overcharging protection.

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The Warranty

Lookah offers a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. This helps if you happened to buy a device with an issue off the bat, but doesn’t offer much protection down the road. Thankfully, this is technically a simple device that should not be prone to premature failure. Only time will tell how long its lifespan will be, but for the price I am not overly concerned.

Final Thoughts

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Review has been the first electric nectar collector that I can honestly say I enjoy using. It fits well in my hand, looks pretty cool, and functions flawlessly. At under $50, I think it’s a bargain for anyone looking for more powerful rips on the go from something you can easily pocket.

If you are not really satisfied by your dab pen anymore, this is definitely the next device you should buy. It offers a much more potent experience on the go while being barely larger than a wax pen.  It has more than enough battery life for the day, and interchangeable tips to better suit your needs.

Check out the Lookah Seahorse Pro review and upgrade your portable dabbing experience today!

lookah seahorse pro review

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